Nowadays, making a cake at home is not a problem. You simply find a recipe online and follow it. The process is actually very interesting and the results are simply delicious. Although, a cake without decoration is like a birthday without presents or peony delivery. So, while your homemade cake might be tasty, it should also be decorated properly.

Here are easy ways to decorate a cake that everyone can manage.

Go Naked

There is nothing wrong with a naked cake, that is a cake without any frosting on it. The look of the beautifully baked cake is a sight in itself. If you want to add the berries and other decorations on top, go ahead. But be sure that once the cake is cut the taste is the only thing that will matter.

Roll It

Despite that in our mind we usually picture a round cake, it is actually can be any shape or form. The rolled cake is a great option here, it is easily done and even does not require additional decorations. Simply take sponge cake, put the filling on it, and roll. This cake is also easily cut into servings.

Cover It

This is not the easiest way but with a bit of practice, you will be creating real art. Mastic is a sweet mass that pastry chefs use to decorate cakes and other desserts. It is soft and malleable so you can cut out interesting figures from it, like flowers, or just cover the cake with a whole sheet. The more difficult figures can be cut from it, but when they dry, they can start to crumble, so it is better to use other “materials” for this.

Create a Pattern

Icing is a classic way to spice up the look of a cake. It is most often used in confectionery when creating wedding cakes. However, no one stops you from making a birthday cake with icing. What is more, it is considered a universal way to ornament because patterns created with it do not melt and stick well to any cake. Usually, such a décor looks like an ice pattern on the glass.

Get Rustic

Chocolate is the most common ingredient in a cake. You can buy it at any store, and you do not need any complicated tools to work with it. The simplest way to decorate a cake with chocolate is by sprinkling it with shavings. This can not be easier, just grate chocolate and sprinkle the cream-soaked cake.

If you want something a little more original then take a vegetable peeler and with it create long thin pieces of chocolate that you can too put on your cake. The resulting curls look very effective and rustic, being a beautiful addition in their own right.

All-Over Piping

This is also a good way to decorate a cake. Basically, you can buy a can of whipped cream and simply put it on your cake in any formation that comes to your mind. It is advisable to eat the cake with whipped cream right away. It will not hold the shape for very long, so put the whipped cream right before serving.


If all of the above seems too complicated, you can do something very simple – cover the entire surface of the cake with something like powdered sugar, cocoa powder, or store-bought sprinkles.

However, the sprinkles do not stick to the dry surface of a plain cake. So, before decorating the cake, make sure that its top and sides are completely covered with something like cream, frosting, or jam. Sprinkles should be applied immediately after coating, as long as the “sticky” base is not frozen.


It seems that there is nothing easier than covering the cake in fresh fruit. Such a solution could indeed be considered the easiest if it weren’t for one “but”. Fruit is not very eager to stack on the baked cake. So, without cream, icing, or jelly, it is practically impossible.

Make It Abstract

If you do not like non of the above you can go all-in and decorate will whatever you have at hand. Make your own unique cake and if it turns out abstract you know you are on the right track.


  • How Do You Decorate a Plain Cake?

You can put some berries on the sides and sprinkle it with cocoa powder or powdered sugar.

  • What Do You Put On Top of a Plain Cake?

Сoco powder and powdered sugar are the easiest options. Whipped cream can also be a great choice.

  • How Do You Make a Cake For the First Time?

Thanks to the internet you can find plenty of easy-to-make cake recipes. Just pick one and try it out. For the first cake, we recommend leaving it plain and not trying complicated decorations.

  • What Can I Use to Decorate a Cake?

Basically, anything you want. Chocolate and simple frosting are the most popular choices. Some people like to use real flowers for such decorations, just remember to take them off so that no one eats them by mistake.

  • How Can I Make My Cake Look Fancy?

In our opinion, cake covered in mastic looks very fancy. Especially if you will be able to create additional decoration elements, like eatable flowers.