Are you savvy to supermarket marketing tricks?

Would you believe that many people pick up a yellow sticker wearing item and automatically think, they have a bargain, When in fact, they don’t ! Take the photo below for example that was taken at Sainsburys, notice the mick take !

Retail psychology tricks aka supermarket marketing tricks

yellow reduced tag on mince showing was £4.00 now £3.99 supermarket marketing tricks

Sure, you could argue that 1p is a saving, but its not a saving if you didn’t go into the store to buy minced beef !

Sometimes it just isn’t worth getting yellow reduced stickers.

You know that I’m a yellow sticker pusher, but I am also a sensible shop smart pusher! If your on a budget, need to pull in those purse strings or generally be savvy then always stick with the ethos “only get what I need !”

picture of reduced tag in Tesco showing offer for any 2 for £1.80

How supermarkets can make you spend more!

Here is another fab example of the Super Market Sucker wars. Eight out of ten people would generally think, ohhhh they made a mistake, lets buy a couple, when in fact you have just fallen for a right blooper ! I put money on the fact that the above Hand wash was never ever £1.90 !!! 

The photo below shows other retailers are currently selling the exact same product for £1 so your amazing “OMG, they made a mistake offer” is in fact a pile of pants !

“You will save 20p though !”, I hear you scream and Yes you would save 20p, but consider this is the process….

  1. Do you need to bulk buy ?
  2. Is this your usual brand of choice ?
  3. Would your budget allow it ?
  4. OMG, have you tried the new Carex Love Heart Addition
screenshot of mysupermarket carex prices


So, you walk in a store and see a regular high end brand Tin of beans on a multibuy offer where you get 2 for £1 and you immediately put 4 tins in your trolley as you think…ossshhhh bargain ! 

More supermarket psychology tricks

Get your trotters to take you to the bean aisle and I can guarantee you bean bargain in shiny armour suddenly looks rusty ! You will more than likely pick up 3 or 4 tins of the stores own brand for the same price and they will pretty much taste the same (Probably, the same beans just packaged differently !) So get yourself a pair of anti sucker googles and wear them when you are in the shopping aisle.

Supermarket cashback apps

So Andy Covered the Cash back websites in last nights show as people still think they are too good to be true!

Scouts Honour, spit and shake, Cross my heart hope to die stick a full price piece of lamb in my eye that there is absolutely NO catch. If your an online Supermarket shopper, you would be 50 shades of nutz not to do this !

Asda currently have £5 cashback on a food order,Tesco have up to £6.50 and Waitrose have up to £20 cashback !

If you click on the above Quidco link I get 26p ( I am always honest !) but you would get an extra £10 cashback bonus plus money back off your shopping ! Go and search Quidco on a search engine, I am happy for you to click somebody else link, its no big deal but please if your a person of luxury who likes to order on line then you would be really silly not to go through a cashback website !

'I know your game!' written on paper in red pen

How supermarkets influence customers!

So a super quick round up of my tips to help you Shop Smart and save Wongaaaaaaa!

  1. on’t shop at eye level, Supermarkets will put better money saving deals or cheaper products on lower shelves !
  2. Avoid BOGOF as they make you spend too much and if you buy the products individually somewhere else they usually work out the same price per unit !
  3. Look on the dry reduction shelves as broken boxes or dented tins will usually see 50% of the price knocked off.
  4. Check out Supermarket reduction times, I have just found out that Aldi like to reduce meat at 7pm !
  5. Birthday cakes are so expensive, but if you see a birthday cake on a fab reduction, buy it, pop it in the freezer and let it thaw the day before the event !
  6. Milk and cheese freeze well….grab those on the reduced shelf !
  7. After a holiday like Easter or Christmas, Supermarkets like to move the stock pronto, so its a great time to pick up bargains ! 
  8. The ends of the Aisles hold bargains, but just check the promoted item against others, and often you will see its pretty much the same as everything else !
  9. Always check out websites for fab deals and discounts !

Well I hope this has helped with your savvy shopping and provided you with some of the supermarket marketing tricks out there. If you have any tips please feel free to share the love in the comments. Have a fab day…..