When my now-husband and I got together he didn’t know how to drive, so it made sense that we were just a one-car household. When he passed his driving test his parents gave him their old run-around car, but we soon found that we didn’t need two cars, so it was gifted to someone who needed it. We have managed around 7 years being a one-car household, but recently we became a two-car household and it turned out to be a great decision for us, despite the extra cost it turned out to be a fantastic decision for us.

Do we need a second car?

We always told ourselves that when the need crops up, we will get a second car again.

However we had never set the parameters for what that means.

We both work from home, we belong to the same gym and enjoy doing activities together so it was easy to get around with one car.

However when we got two dogs with separation anxiety we found that we started going to the gym separately.

Sure, a second car would have been nice, but was it needed?

Then I started a regular weekly commitment and my husband found that he felt ‘stuck at home’ unable to do chores or take the dogs further afield for walks.

Was this enough to warrant getting a second car?

It is useful to have a clear definition of when you need a second car. Is it when you are inconvenienced X number of times a week? Is it when someone starts working a different shift pattern?

The cost of a second car

When it comes to acquiring a second car for your household you need to take the additional costs into account.

There is a very obvious initial payment for the car, whether you buy it new, used or lease a car. A car payment calculator can help you to work out the payments to see if they fit into your household budget.

Alongside that you will also need to budget for your car insurance, road tax (if applicable), MOT, repairs, servicing and you need to know your fuel budget.

With the price of fuel rising it is really important that you factor that in when deciding on a new car.

In fact, we chose a car with much better MPG (miles per gallon) than the car we already have in our household and we now use that car more often to save money on fuel.

How to save money on your second car

If you do decide that your household needs a second car then there are still plenty of ways to save money.

The first way to save money is to use your car less. This doesn’t mean sitting at home twiddling your thumbs, but now we are more intentional with our car journeys.

Before, we might have just used the car to go to the supermarket or to the parcel shop, but now we think about what we need to use the car for and we try to plan our journeys to encompass a few things at a time. The parcelshop is halfway to the supermarket, so we will tie those journeys in together. Or we pass the parcelshop on the way to the gym, so we will drop parcels off then.

It takes a little bit more planning at times but saves us money.

Another way to save money on your second car is to shop around for car insurance.

Comparison websites make this really simple to do, and it takes just a few minutes to run a comparison across many car insurance providers.

When fuelling up also be sure to collect your loyalty points – you can earn then from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Esso and BP to name a few.

Do we regret buying a second car?

Absolutely not!

Becoming a two-car household has given us so much more freedom.

It means that we can both run errands, see family and friends as well as other commitments without having to work around the availability of the car.