Want an easy herb garden but don’t know how to achieve it? Read on.

Reduced Grub easy Herb Garden.
Reduced Grub Easy Herb Garden.

Herb gardens are a fab and inexpensive way of turning a dead area of your garden into a uber cool pIace , where not only will it look absolutely fabulous but will also be super duper useful ! 

I recently spotted this on my friend David’s Facebook page, and I thought that it was a fab idea for a small easy herb garden. I always see crates hanging around places from hardware stores , tile shops even supermarkets and with a nice smile and sometimes a cheeky complement, the staff in the store will always be happy to let you have them for free.

Be careful as there may be some ruff areas of the wood that could need a good sanding down, splinters are so not welcome in my fingers, so gloves do come in a tad handy while sprucing these crates up. Paint this in the latest summer colour and add your own bit of funky writing to the front and your ready to plant !

A fab tip is to pick up the ready potted herbs in your supermarket when they have been reduced, as this is a ready established herb, that will cost sooooooo much less than your local garden centre and is ready to be used.

 Fresh herbs can change the whole concept of any dinner and can make it turn from a regular mundane piece of grub to a fab tongue tingler ! With summer on our doorstep ( WOO HOOOO !) now is a great time to be preparing decent salads ( lettuce and tomato was so yesterday darling !) and herbs can carry these dishes off fantastically well. Also use the herbs in a marinade or dips !

Dill is fab with garlic Aubergine and Parsley great with feta dips.

 Anyways, have fun with your creations, and let me know how you get on, making your own easy herb garden.


Kelly XXX

Try this for a fab use of parsley !