Whether you’re new or experienced in the kitchen, you’ll want to have an appliance that can do what you need it to do. How do you choose the correct appliance for your kitchen as a beginner? With all of the new technology available today, choosing a new kitchen appliance can be very confusing. If you want something that is going to give you value and convenience while being efficient and in your budget, look into getting a food processor.

What Is A Food Processor

A food processor is a container with a spinning blade inside of it. It can perform certain repetitive tasks such as dicing and slicing. It makes these tasks easier and you will get more similar-sized pieces thanks to its automatic blades.

Not only that, but a food processor can do much more than just slice and dice. It can perform a large variety of tasks more quickly than the human hands can do and you can choose the function that matches the task. Whether you want to mince, shred, blend, or puree, you can do it all with the food processor. What’s the secret? Its size and construction.

Chopping & More Chopping

I’m sure you’ve seen chefs on television manually chopping complicated ingredients with only a knife and without losing a finger. You’ve probably also exclaimed how you couldn’t do it as they can. Most people chop slowly with a knife, which is completely 20th century. It seems to take forever to chop an onion with tears in your eyes. For the most perfectly sliced and diced ingredients, pull out your food processor, and let the machine do the work.

Is it A Blender?

No, a food processor is not a blender. Sure, they may function similarly, but there are some obvious differences. You can make a smoothie in a food processor, but you can’t knead dough in a blender. You can’t chop veggies in a blender either.

Is It A Juicer?

Nope, not a juicer either. These two appliances have no comparisons. A juicer can’t chop and a food processor can’t extract juice. A juicer separates the solid and liquid to give you juice, whereas a food processor combines everything.

What Can Be Made With A Food Processor?

There’s really no limit as to what you can make with a food processor. It’s not recommended that you make beverages, but it’s great for making soup. Anything that requires materials that are solid or semi-solid to be broken down and mixed, the food processor is there for you. Once you get to know the basics, you can begin to use your skills for more complicated dishes such as chopping and mixing salads or making dough.

When it comes down to it, all you really want is something that can suit your lifestyle and accommodate your cooking skills. Your new food processor will always be there for you when you need to slice, smoothie blend, dice, mix, knead, and more.

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