All online roulette enthusiasts are sure to love this roulette wheel as well. Roulette, a tempting game of chance with deadly consequences, was undoubtedly inspired by the iconic roulette wheel. Fortunately, a few enterprising foodies have come up with a great variant of this game with less serious possible consequences – unless, of course, you have food allergies…

The idea of food roulette is not new in itself. However, it’s not as common as it could be because it’s a really fun game! For thrill-seekers, it’s just as much fun as playing online roulette, except that the “prize” is very different! But you can play this game with friends and family.

What is food roulette?

To play food roulette you need a few servings of food, of which one is heavily flavoured or unflavoured – it’s a green pocket or zero. Although not essential, a glass of sake, tequila, cold milk or any other beverage can serve as consolation to the loser.

Preparing for the game itself is a fantastic opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. But if you don’t have the time or inclination, a bottle of hot sauce will always come in handy. Restaurants that offer the game as part of their menus serve the same-looking portions.

Whatever you decide to do with your meal, you’ll need to add a noticeable amount of chilli pepper, hot sauce, wasabi, horseradish, mustard, sour plum or any other similar product to one of these portions. Care must be taken to ensure that the seasoned portion cannot be distinguished from the others until someone tastes it.

Place a shot of tequila (or other drink) in the centre of the table and if the food is served on separate plates, arrange the dishes around the shot. Each participant takes their own portion and tastes it. If the participant who gets the spicy portion does not flare up, the shot of tequila belongs to them. Everyone else wins the opportunity to taste the true flavour of their meal for the rest of the evening.

There is a similar custom in Ukraine – when a Ukrainian national dish, such as vareniki, is cooked, they put a bitter pepper or a coin inside.
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Food roulette in restaurants

Australians and New Zealanders have a reputation for being irresistible to gambling, so it’s no wonder food roulette is such a popular game. Restaurants in Australia as well as pizza franchises from New Zealand have made the game exciting, and it has gained crowds of fans. Grocery roulette is also common in Japan.

Restaurant chain Din Tai Fung, which has establishments in Sydney and Melbourne, offers spicy dumpling roulette. The game is played in real roulette style – the portion you eat is selected by a miniature wheel shaped like a roulette wheel. The loser is the one who gets the dumpling stuffed with chilli peppers.

Sydney’s Daniel San’s Manly offers a platter of 24 pieces of sushi, several of them seasoned with wasabi. This version of food roulette requires a large plate. The dishes in the Japanese franchise establishments are smaller than the Australian ones and consist of 6 slices of sushi, one of which is stuffed with wasabi.

New Zealand pizza chain Hell, which also has outlets in Australia, Canada, India and South Korea, offers pizza roulette. Patrons receive their pizzas in a coffin-shaped box and those who play the game take a slice each, one of which is coated in chilli pepper oil. This pepper is one of the spiciest in the world.

Ground House Burger in Santa Ana, California, offers a fried roulette on its menu, which consists of 6 appetisers and 12 sauces. Appetizers include classic fries, sweet potato fries, seasoned fries, waffle fries, onion rings and potato balls. They have classic sauces such as ketchup, ranch and barbecue sauces and several other flavours including creamy with wasabi and jalapeño, Thai chilli and teriyaki aioli. You spin the wheel and let fate decide what you eat today.

Doritos have also launched its own Doritos Roulette Tortilla Chips, in which most of the chips are nacho cheese flavoured; but there are some peppered chips in each packet. 

At the moment there is a huge choice of products and flavours, and places where we can try it all. Sometimes it can be difficult to make your choice. Modern technology comes to the rescue. For example, a Google Chrome extension called Food Roulette and the Restaurant Roulette app on the App Store can help you choose a restaurant near you. If you like downloading apps and testing new websites here is the thing that can improve your evening with 200 welcome bonus uk, serve with some of the dishes from this post. Here you can choose recipes at random, based on your preferences.

If you love food and thrills, or if you’re just bored of the monotony of food, then play food roulette with friends and family and you’ll have some nights to remember.