As you may gather I love being savvy with my money and I am always up for saving or being wise and getting a good deal. Recently I met a fab like minded bunch at The SHOMO awards. This wise group of brain boxes blog about sensible money moves, bargains, money saving recipes and even money Hacks, so I thought that I would share some of them with you and maybe they may float your boat.

The first is the lovely Nicola from Pemblebee, a blog that shows you how to save money and budget, she is also a fab cook,


Next up is the lovely Zoe from Eco Thrifty Living, a site that talks about being good to your Health, Wallet, sustainability and the environment. Zoe has a fab post about how to eat an entire Pumpkin.



Cass, runs the extremely popular blog called The diary of a frugal Family and talks about budget planning, ways to make money and also Frugal food. Here is Cass’s wise words of wisdom on How to meal Plan.




Katy from Katykicker.com is a wise owl when it comes to making and saving money and she shares her knowledge on her brill website. Katy has kindly shared her “How to avoid overspending on Groceries” post.




Emma runs the website Emmadrew.info formally know as From Aldi to Harrods. Emma is way ahead of the game and I often look at her site for tips. Emma has shared a Vegetable Crumble recipe.




Andy is a well known face from your TV screens and often talks about finance and being smart on your TV, Andy runs Be clever with your cash and he has shared his addiction to Yellow Stickers.




The lovely Faith shares her knowledge of cheap and cheerful recipes and also ideas on how to save on your food bill, on her easy to follow blog called Much more with Less. Faith has written a fab post showing you how to make many meals out of one chicken.


The beautiful Francesca has the prettiest site on the web and shares her knowledge about improving your finances. A fab post has been written about how to reduce your spending and stress levels.



These are just a few of my like minded friends and I am sure that I will share some more with you in the future. I hope that you like their take on things and try some of their recipes.

Kelly x