OMG, I am soooooooo sorry that it has taken me a while to write this article about my diet up, but I have been really busy with some articles that I have done for a couple of Newspapers, my daughter has gone back to school after 3 months off ( Anxiety in Teenagers is heart breaking, I wish social media would F*#K off, as it does not help !! ) and I have been back to my flying job… so unfortunately I am running out of hours in the day !!

But anyway, I do apologise, I will give you a full update of my epic failure of my diet and two fab recipes which were really nice when I was being well behaved !



I am really lucky to be able to work 3 weeks on as a trolley dolly and 6 weeks off, and my first flight back was to Bombay, India on Comic relief day, a lovely fellow crew member grabbed a load of red noses and funny hairbands from our report centre with the intention of wearing them on the flight, but this never materialised as we had passengers hanging from the rafters as we were so busy, and we never got around to it.

I managed to have the whole bag from her and give them out to the street children which live at the end of our road from our hotel. I always take a bag of goodies to India when I manage to go over, from old bedding, towels, tshirts, shoes to my sons lego and toys cars that he no longer play’s with. It is really sad though, as I have to often sneak them into the country, if customs spot me, they often try and charge tax, which I think is pretty crappy as it is charitable goods ! Once in Mexico, I almost had a suitcase of used children’s clothes taken from me, unless I paid a stupid amount of money to get it into the country, I explained that they were for the street kids and they laughed in my face and said there is no such thing in Mexico city, which of course is the biggest pile of poo ever, as they are often spotted ! With a lot of Welsh charm, I managed to get the bag in, but I so wanted to punch the slimy custom officer ( KARMA, will sort that out though, I am sure !!)



Anyway, I am waffling again and I am supposed to share with you my journey of getting into my skinny, not circulation stopping jeans. So one of my favourite recipes to share with you is that of overnight oats, which are actually flipping lush, filling and fantastically frugal !



This is a two minute jobby of just mixing some ingredients together, before you go up the apple and pears to bed. Pop it in the fridge overnight and let all the oats absorb the flavour and soften up, however, to eat it straight from the fridge makes my teeth stand on edge, so I tend to remove it from the fridge and let it stand for about half ah hour before I eat it, otherwise I am gooning like a real wally !



You will need….

1 cup of porridge oats

1 cup of diced strawberries

1 cup of plain fat free yogurt

1 tsp canderel

2 ripped up mint leaves



Mix all the ingredients together well, to be honest I really do not like aspartame, however it is such a small amount I think it is fine. Pop it in the fridge and scoff it in the morning, you can even make a bigger batch and eat it over two days, this is also fine for a lunch box and even a lunch if you want to take it that far !



So the week started off really well, I really paid attention to my eating habits, went to Boogie bounce with the girls, which was not only calorie burning but also good fun. I must of burnt around 100 calories before I even started the class, as I had to strap every thing down ! Then in the class, they turn the lights down, play funky music and use disco lights which is brill. The funny part when I first went, was when I went to sign in, the instructor said “sign your name here and help yourself to a tenor lady”, seeing my shocked face, another lady signing in at the same time said in a strong welsh accent, “yeah love, we all piss our pants when we bounce !!!!! “….my chin really hurt when it hit the floor !



I even managed a run in the park when my son went on the scooter park and I felt so good when I finished, I was on this plan really well and then it kinda just went Pete Tong !!!

I am not sure if was the free chocolate samples in the post, the stress of going back to work or the Indian meal which we got to celebrate my daughters return to school, that set the tone for the decline but it really did take a nose dive !

My other half is being really good sending me the latest health tips and exercise videos, but even though he means well, I actually want to strangle him. I could tell u huge porkie pie and say, I am doing fab, but I am only human and I want to be honest with you ! ( omg, I love pork pies btw !)


I really am trying hard today, it is half ten in the morning and I have planned a healthy tea of Thai Salmon and rice, so fingers crossed I behave !! I have been sent an Eglu by Omlet to review which I am really excited about, so I will be building that today and hopefully picking up four chickens later, so that should keep me busy.

Here is my recipe for a delicious and simple one pot dinner which I made and we all enjoyed. I teamed it up with some garlic fat free yogurt, tomatoes and coriander and it was a really yummy dish, again which is lunch box worthy and good to eat over a couple of nights. I hope you try it and let me know what you think !



You will need……

10 chicken drumsticks with skin removed !!!

1 tin of tomatoes

1 finely diced onion

2 diced aubergines

1 diced courgette

handful diced mushrooms

1 red pepper

4 finely chopped garlic cloves

2 tbsp cumin

1/2 tsp paprika

1 tbsp. black pepper

1/2 tsp salt

Coriander, garlic yogurt, finely diced red onion & tomato to garnish



I have packed loads of healthy veg into this as it will not only bulk out the food in a frugal manor but it is also super tasty !

Just chuck everything into a large pot with a lid and pop this into a pre heated oven ( 190*) for around one and a half hours, remove the lid or foil for the last 20  minutes of cooking and then serve.

To make the garlic yogurt, crush 5 garlic cloves and add this to two cups of fat free yogurt and half a cup of water, mix well and add a good pinch of salt. This is better the longer you leave it as the garlic really infuses with the yogurt !!


Anyway you gorgeous bunch, Good luck with your week and I will check in with you soon, hopefully with a successful share !


Take care,

Kelly XX



This is a flipping fab skinny thigh inducing recipe !!



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