Keeping a clean car when you’re ferrying children about isn’t easy. Here are some tips on doing so.

 Get Help From Your Kids

Perhaps the easiest and most important lesson to teach your kids early on is how to clean the car. Get them a bucket of water so they can get involved and teach them that when they leave their rubbish behind, they have to clean it all up. Getting kids to clean with you gives them a sense of understanding as to how much work and effort it takes to really keep a space neat and tidy.

  1. Do Not Stop Cleaning!

Never stop or take a break from the objective of cleaning your car. Even taking a break for a day may mean candy wrappers, juice boxes, and whatever else piling up in your car. Whenever you go anywhere with your kids, constantly remind them to remove their toys and throw out their trash. Easier said than done in a small car like a Mini with only 3 doors. However, even in the case of a Mini you can make things easier to keep clean with these Mini car mats to cover your carpets in your car.

  1. Get Organizers

The most often overlooked way to get organized is to use car organizers such as drawstring bags and pockets on the back of your seats. Most importantly, choose options that have a washable and waterproof exterior that can resist spills and messes. By having a designated spot for everything, your kids are twice as likely to sort and put things away where they belong. The Stow ‘N Go is a fantastic organizer for the back of your seats, and priced modestly at about $11, it can transform your vehicle!

  1. Don’t Wash The Car Yourself

Sure, washing the car yourself with your kids may save you a few extra bucks, but think of the time it would take to get all hands on deck. Make it a point to schedule a car wash every month and run your car through the machines. This will ensure you reinforce cleanliness in your household while also saving some time and effort.

  1. Get A Mini Garbage Can Or Bag

Plastic bags or a mini garbage can can help your kids throw away their trash while you’re on-the-go. Leave one in the second and third rows of your car because it reminds kids what they need to do with their trash. At the end of your day, you can just empty the mini cans or throw away the bags to keep your car clean.

Between dropping your kids off at school to running errands in your car, it’s hard to ensure that your space isn’t invaded by wrappers, crumpled papers, and toys. Kids are willing to learn to clean as long as you’re willing to teach them, and what better way to get started than by choosing to keep your vehicle neat and tidy? A few simple tips and tricks from above are all it takes to reinforce good behavior and cut down on your own cleaning responsibilities.