Both food waste and food poverty are massive problems in the United Kingdom – did you know that 3.6 million tonnes of food is wasted by the food industry in the UK every year (Figures from WRAP 2019) and a massive 8.4 million people in the UK are struggling to afford to eat (according to which is equivalent to the entire population of London.

Reduced Grub

Writing posts on Reduced Grub helps me to challenge myself to come up with recipes I wouldn’t normally think of, encouraging healthy living and to push my comfort zone with different foods when it comes to cooking on a budget.

I understand the struggles that families are facing at the moment, trying to feed their families on a tight budget. With so many people relying on food banks it is important to me that I share these money saving tips with my readers, but it also helps me to save money at the same time.

I’ve found some great switches and savings to make – for example making my own flavoured olive oil at a fraction of the cost or using leftover Christmas turkey to make an amazing curry.

I love pushing myself to create new recipes with the goodies found in the yellow sticker shelves at various supermarkets.

Influencers and bloggers making money

It is no secret that influencers and bloggers can make money from their platforms, which is a great way to reward them for the free content they create. There are food bloggers, gin bloggers, even gaming bloggers monetising their platforms.

I have been lucky enough to have a few partnerships from writing on Reduced Grub, which have either provided me with monetary payment or items to review – thus saving me money on buying items I would have loved to try.

It is really important that bloggers and influencers are transparent about how much money they charge, so that they can help others to price their work accordingly.

My top tips for lowering your supermarket spend and lowering your food waste

Over the years I have come up with lots of top tips to help you to lower your supermarket spend, even when feeding your busy family.

My top tip would be to meal plan. Meal planning is not only fantastic to help stop the Overwhelm when it comes to choosing your meals every day, but it also means you can shop for just the items that you need whilst at the supermarket – therefore lowering your spending and your food waste.

Did you know that you can freeze cheese? This is a great tip for when you pick up cheese from the yellow sticker shelves or on special offer. Not only will it help to reduce your food waste but it will also help you to lower your grocery spending.

Another tip is instead of getting a takeaway every week, start to cook your own fakeaways. Depending on the size of your family you can save £25 or more every time that you do this.

Fakeaway ideas:

Another idea is to pack your own lunch for work, school or university. A meal deal can easily set you back £3.50 a day, so switching to homemade sandwiches and taking in your own snack from a multipack can cost you a fraction of the cost of a meal deal. If you still enjoy your meal deals then you don’t have to give them up every day – just replace them a couple of times a week.