Can you freeze cheese

If you have any leftover cheese you might be wondering – Can you freeze cheese?

When I say that currently I am the queen of cheese, I mean that I have more cheese in my kitchen than you can shake a stick at and I am not referring to my jokes, even though they are pretty bad.

Lately I have come across some really fab cheesy bargains and as we are regular cheese users in my house, they are great to pick up at a great price !. We don’t have a cheese purge and eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I just have a fab system where I grate it up, split it into bags and then freeze it. If you are wondering can you freeze cheese then I am here to help


Can you freeze cheese

Can you freeze cheese?


Cheese actually freezes really well as well as milk, bread and meats, and as it is hit or miss as to whether you will see it at a bargain price, it is always worth picking up when you do, as it is a great frugal tool for the from scratch cook.

Hard cheese is always the best one to freeze, but when defrosted it will always be a bit crumbly, so forget cheese and crackers and think more of sauces and pie toppings !

Blue cheese and paneer are also great to freeze and I always portion it of into bags, so that it is easier to use up.


Can you freeze cheese

You can never have enough Leftover Cheese

There are SO many things that you could use this cheese with

I would suggest:

  • Cheese on toast
  • cheese toasties
  • Chilli con corne topping
  • cheesy beans on toast
  • cheese on toast
  • cheesy scrambled egg
  • cheese and potato pie
  • lasagne topping
  • cheese and potato pasties
  • cheese sauce
  • crumbled into salads
  • pizza
  • calzone
  • macaroni cheese
  • cauliflower cheese
  • cheese biscuits
  • cheese scones
  • cheese and broccoli soup
  • Cheesy mash
  • fajita topping
  • quiche
  • cheesy garlic bread
  • frittata
  • cheese bread
  • cheese dips
  • burger toppings

And so many more!

Can you freeze cheese

Well then folks, I hope this little insight into cheesy bargains can save you some money at some time and if you have any good cheese recipes, please feel free to share….

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