img_20160929_104501This is such a radical change for me when it comes to my post’s, but I really wanted to share this with you as I love this new money saving creation.

I met Tom, Deepak and the team earlier on this year at a The SHOMOS (a conference / awards ceremony) and they made me smile even before I spoke to them, they were buzzing with an energy that kind of lights up every one around them and their positive attitude instantly made you want to be in their gang!.

deepakYou may recall Deepak, he was the kid with the great Idea that appeared on Dragons Den, he had so many Dragons throwing money at him, that he almost had to take cover.

He had created a well know website called Latest Free stuff, which was an instant hit, as it did not make the consumer jump through hoops to get a products that were advertised, it done what is said on the tin and it had rave reviews.



When Deepak met Mr Tom Church aka “Britain’s sexiest man !” ( go on google him ) sparks flew and a beautiful, super smart and money saving partnership was formed.

The team put there heads together and came up with a fab idea that would rival all the money saving, deal sites currently out there and promised a user friendly , non tech site that would not only benefit Joe blogs but also bring together a whole heap of bloggers like me, to all source our best deals and share them with the public.

I am very much a one woman band at Reduced Grub, but I fell in love with Latest deals, so much that I am happy to get all my family, friends and you my readers to have a goosey gander.



I caught up with Tom this week and I threw a couple of questions his way and here is what he had to say…

1. How will be better than the other money saving sites? is a site built together with the money saving community. Before we started I spoke to as many leaders of the money saving world as I could. I asked for advice and feedback. What frustrates you? What do you hate? What do you wish for? LatestDeals is the answer to those questions. No more broken links. No more expired deals. No more ugly design. It is a site built for the community by the community.

For example, many people complain that deals are not personal. With LatestDeals, you’ll be able to select multiple topics you’re interested in to create a personalised home page. Food & Groceries? Tick. Beauty? Tick. It’ll remember your choices so it’s personal to you. My favourite thing though is the ability to follow your favourite deal hunters and brands. If you love food bargains, then you can follow Kelly and her deals [LINK]. If you love Aldi or Lidl deals, then you can follow their deals. On the YOU page, you’ll see all of these deals on one place. Simple and easy to use. Deals should be personal and now they are.

2. Are you going to share things that are exclusive to

Oo, good question. I can reveal some secrets but I can’t reveal names. You’re actually the first I’ve confirmed this with. We have partnered with brands to share exclusive deals, yes. We’ve also managed to partner with many high street names to offer local voucher codes, but this will be a feature of our apps (coming soon, late 2016). If you have any requests just let me know, I can always put in the phone call!

A problem many people complained of the old deal sharing sites is that things were all over the place. You have deal sites, coupon sites, voucher sites, freebie sites, competition sites, forums and more. LatestDeals brings it all together into one place. That’s one of the coolest things about it. One site for everything 🙂

3. Are you going to offer anything that could wet a foodies appetite?

First, let me tell you my secret egg trick! Crack an egg into a little dish (china not plastic!) lined with a dash of olive oil and microwave it for 25 seconds. It’s the fastest way to get an almost perfect egg with poached-like texture. Amazingly fast way to get some protein in the morning without the washing up hassle.

Foodies will love our Chat section, with regular contributions From reduced Grub.

I would love to know what you think of so leave me a comment, suggestion , likes and dislikes and I will feed this all back to Tom x


Enjoy x