Want a chicken tortilla recipe that costs 75p per portion?

chicken tortilla recipe

This a full flavour packed and colourful dish that is really worth the effort of putting together. It will taste 100 times better than any packet bought mix and it can use up a whole range of leftovers in the fridge. Why not give this chicken tortilla recipe a try today?

My main two ingredients that had to be used up were half a chicken carcass and a pan of cooked rice, so with the skies a funny shade of grey, I thought that we would bring a bit of colour into our lives and feel the love for Mexico.

dscf0802For this chicken tortilla recipe, you will need….

1 dish of shredded chicken

4 cups of cooked rice

1 onion diced finely

2 garlic cloves chopped or 1tsp garlic paste

1tsp paprika

1tsp chili powder

1tsp cumin powder

2 tsp coriander powder

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp black pepper


2 cups of self raising flour

good pinch of salt

3/4 cup of water

1 tbsp. oil

1 tbsp. natural yogurt ( not compulsory)

1 tsp turmeric

1/2 tsp chilli powder


1 ripe avocado

half a very finely chopped onion

bunch of finely chopped coriander

1 tomato finely chopped

half the juice of a lime

pinch of salt

If you like heat, add a chili.

dscf0799The thought of making your own tortilla’s fill a lot of people with dread, but this chicken tortilla recipe is actually VERY simple.

Firstly just pop your all of the tortilla ingredients into a bowl and mix, I added the turmeric to give it a nice yellow colour and the chilli to give it a gentle heat.

Slowly add the water and this will bind it all together, I always rub flour into my hands and mix it with my hands. If the dough is too dry add a little nit more water and if oil is too sticky and wet, add a bit of flour.

You are aiming for an elastic consistency and when this is achieved. turn it out onto a floured surface and knead for around 5 minutes.


Break the dough into 8 balls and roll them out with a rolling pin, you are aiming for disks around 10cm wide and not too thick.

dscf0801In a flat frying pan, pour a tiny bit of oil in, just so that there is a thin coating on the bottom, and place it on a high heat, when this the oil is hot, place a tortilla in to the pan and cook for around a minute, lift up the edge of the tortilla and if it is starting the brown turn this over and cook on the other side.

Repeat with the other 7 tortillas and leave them to cool.dscf0806In a large pan, fry the onions and garlic in some oil for around 3 minutes, when they are transparent, add the spices and cook for a further minute. Add the chicken and the rice, making sure that everything gets coated well and cook until it is piping hot.

dscf0804Remove the rice from the heat and have your tortillas and an oven proof dish to hand. Put the oven onto a medium heat (180′) and place one tortilla onto a flat surface.


You will need to try and estimate the filling into 8 portions and one by one you will start filling up the Tortillas. Place the filling into the centre and you will be wrapping them up into an almost rectangle shape, please see the photo.

Do this with the following parcels and if you have any leftover rice, pop this down the sides of the tortillas or on top.

dscf0809Luckily I picked up some Hot and spicy cheddar which was marked down to 49p and this was sprinkled on top. Try not to smother them with cheese, I only used half of the packet and then place this in the hot oven for around 15 minutes, just so that the tortillas crisp up and the cheese melts.

dscf0812While the dish of gawjusness is in the oven , rock on with the guacamole.

Again, this is super simple and this will taste 100 times better than any ready made, expensive stuff !!

Take your ripe avocado and roll in in your hands to make this soft. Slice it down the middle and remove the pip, Spoon out the flesh into a dish and mush it down with a fork, when it is totally smashed, add the lime, onions, tomatoes, salt and coriander and mix well.

If you want a big kick add some chillies, if not, you have your guacamole ready to go.

I served this with some tri coloured tomatoes, which I had grown and not only was the taste was fantastic but the mix of colour and texture was fab !.