This chicken wrapped in parma ham is budget friendly AND delicious at 83p each!

chicken wrapped in parma ham final shot

When I think of chicken Kiev, I often think of the frozen kind with the reformed meat around the edges, swimming in garlic butter. So when I picked up some chicken at a fab price, I wanted to do something different, and I thought that I would try a posh for pennies chicken Kiev – making it into a delicious chicken wrapped in parma ham dish. Parma ham is one of my fave ingredients to use, so versatile!

This turned out to be a winner winner chicken dinner that only cost around 83p each and I paired this up with some roast potatoes with grated parmesan and a balsamic rocket salad. Of course the kids had a gripe when they seen that it wasn’t wrapped in breadcrumbs and swimming in artificial chemical laden butter, but when I gave them the look of eat it or wear it, they sat down and scoffed it and to great reviews.


To make this chicken wrapped in parma ham, you will need….
4 chicken breast
Mozzarella pearls or any soft cheese
Fresh basil leaves
4 Chorizo slices
Prosciutto ( bacon also works well)

Tin foil


Lay out 4 pieces of tin foil, big enough to wrap a chicken breast in snuggly.
Place the chicken on the foil and slice open a opening on the side of the breast.
Pop in some mozzarella, piece of chorizo and a basil leaf.
If you have some pesto pop a teaspoon in.


Rub a  little bit of olive oil on the chicken and wrap 2 pieces of the proscuitto around it, try and do it tightly and neatly as this will contain the filling.
Wrap the foil around it tightly, like a small contained parcel and pop in a  medium preheated oven for about 15 mins.

The steamed chicken will be nice and juicy, but to crisp up the parma ham, quickly flash fry it in some hot butter in a frying pan and then serve.


I hope you enjoy my chicken wrapped in parma ham recipe – let me know what you think!

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