If you love pate, then you absolutely need to try this feta and walnut pate!

Feta and walnut pate
Feta and walnut pate

If you have any adventurous guests coming over or you fancy trying something new, then consider this.

Again, another colourful and taste extraordinaire of a dish, it is a punch in the gob kind of taste, but it is flipping fab !

The main 3 ingredients are feta cheese, walnuts and tomato puree which are all easily available and you can keep a low or a high heat with this dish with the amount of chilli flakes that you add.

Please note, not ideal for a meat and two veg kinda fella.

Feta and walnut pate
Feta and walnut pate

You will need…..

1cup of tomato puree

1 cup of roughly crushed walnuts

1\2 slab of feta cheese

handfull of finely chopped parsley

2 tbsp of olive oil

1 stale piece of wholemeal bread

2 tsp chilli flakes

1\2 tsp salt

Feta and walnut pate
Feta and walnut pate

There is no cooking involved with this dish, just a small ( tiny in fact !) bit of elbow grease.

Firstly break up the bread so that it resembles crumbs, stale bread is so much easier to work with. Feel free to be a tad adventurous and use seeded bread, ciabatta or even sour dough.

Add the puree, olive oil and crumble up the feta cheese. Mix it up with your hands and then add the chilli flakes, parsley, salt and walnuts. Work it together and once it is all mixed together, push it into a serving dish and pop it in the fridge.

This can be eaten over a couple of days, which is great as the flavour will intensify. You can also flip this into a non veg recipe by placing this as a filling inside a chicken breast and turning it into a delicious chicken Kiev, or even mix with some natural yogurt for a dip with crudités. 

Enjoy XX

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