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Reduced Grub is all about getting creative in the kitchen – not only to help you to save money on your grocery bills, but did you know that you can also spruce up your kitchen without spending much money at all? You will need some creativity to get started.

Getting creative in the kitchen can save you money

Did you know that according to the BBC, the average Brit gets 34 takeaways a year, spending between £10 – £15 each time. That can soon add up over the year.

We are a big fan of take aways, but getting creative and making your own, called a ‘fake away’ is a great way to save money.

Not only can creating your own fake away save you money, you can also make them much healthier too. Like this low fat chicken kebab.

Kitchen creativity doesn’t just include cooking though – there are ways that you can inject some of your own personality and organisation into your kitchen, and I am so excited to share some ideas with you.

Some ideas to get creative in the kitchen

Here are some ideas for getting creative in the kitchen:

Use a new ingredient. Whether it is a new vegetable, finally giving quinoa a try or trying to make something from a Morrison’s Too Good To Go box, challenge yourself to try out a new ingredient.

Find new recipes. There are new recipes everywhere you look – whether you scroll through TikTok or you like to leaf through cookbooks, find a new recipe that is outside of you comfort zone and one that gets you excited to cook.

Learn a new technique. This one is pretty self explanatory

Reoganise your kitchen. You don’t have to get a brand new kitchen fitted to enjoy your kitchen again. Sometimes just rearranging the products in your kitchen so that they are more streamlined can make you feel more creative in the kitchen. Think about those products you have never got around to using or hardly ever use and get them decluttered or moved.

Perfect your favourite dish. I love experimenting with my favourite dishes and seeing if there is a way I can improve upon them!

Declutter your kitchen. Again, it is time to be honest with yourself about the items in your kitchen. Do you need all 20 mugs, 25 glasses and 10 travel mugs? Perhaps not! Decluttering items from your kitchen means that you will feel as though everything has its place, and give you more space to get creative.

Decant and label. I can’t believe what a difference this makes – simply by decanting items into other glass jars and boxes with a label you can create a more uniform look in your kitchen.

Creating kitchen wall art

Artwork for your kitchen can really bring the completed look together.

Whether you choose something like a word bubble, your favourite quote or even your favourite recipe, it is a great way to bring some of your own personality into your kitchen.

Buying your own kitchen wall art means that you might not find exactly what you want.

You might find your favourite quote in a font you don’t like, or a piece of artwork that just doesn’t suit your colour scheme. Maybe it isn’t the right size or shape for your kitchen.

You can turn to somewhere like Etsy, where you can find custom art work for your kitchen, however in some cases it can come with a hefty price tag. When you are trying to watch the pennies then that isn’t much help to you!

A great way to not only get the exact kitchen artwork you want AND save money is to create your own.

If you don’t know where to start then you can use Design Bundles to purchase some of the fonts, logos, icons and other artwork that you might need. They have so many bundles to choose from, not just for your kitchen artwork. For example if you need a mockup logo then they have you covered.

Decant and label

I am obsessed with seeing beautiful pantries on Pinterest, but most of us here in the UK don’t have access to our own pantry.

That’s not to say that we cannot organise our cupboards though!

You can collect empty bottles and jars by washing out jars and bottles you have used, or if you want to create a more uniform list you can buy your bottles and jars.

You don’t have to spend a fortune here either. Places like Poundland, B&M and Home Bargains have some beautiful jars and bottles available for bargain prices. I have even spotted them with rose gold wire which looks stunning.

You can decant a lot of items, here are some ideas:

  • Lentils
  • Flour (both self raising and plain)
  • Icing sugar
  • Sugar
  • Hot chocolate
  • Marshmallows
  • Other dry ingredients
  • Herbs and spices

And if your washing machine is in your kitchen instead of a utility room then don’t stop there! You can also decant your laundry products, like pods, liquids, etc.

There is no denying that they look so much better decanted – much better than random cardboard boxes and mismatched bags. In some cases it will also prolong the life of your product or products because you will be sealing them in a bottle or jar.

It is really important that you label your decanted items so that you don’t get them confused. You might also want to add the date you decanted them, or the best before date, to your label.

There are lots of options for labels depending on the look that you are going for.

You could get chalk labels and use chalk or chalk pens to write on your labels, or you might want to get something like decals or even print your own labels.

Design Bundles also have a great selection of kitchen labels for you to choose from. This is really great to help you to create and print your own labels. You can find designs that you love, and that fit in with your kitchen’s decor.

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