We know how uncertain life is at the minute. It might seem as though you can’t plan a thing without everything being up in the air. Even trying to plan a meal out is going to become a challenge depending on where you live in the world. So, we understand that some of you might be a little apprehensive when it comes to trying to book a day out, let alone trying to book an adventure. But do you not feel as though an adventure is what you deserve. We know there are some places in the world that you just wouldn’t even think about going to at the minute, but there are also some places that are completely Covid free. Even if you don’t get on a plane you can still have many adventures by jumping in your car and going on a road trip. Anything can be an adventure if you put your mind to it. So, if you keep on reading, we’ll give you some great ideas for planning an adventure that you’ll never forget. 

Pick Your Timing

We know that one of the worries you’re going to have is when and where can I go?! It might seem silly to want to plan an adventure with everything else going on in the world, but why not!! Some parts of the world are shutting down again and some parts of the world are opening back up again. So it’s all about picking the right to timing, more than anything else. What we would say is to avoid planning anything too big for this year. Next year is your safest bet in terms of timing, especially because the season that’s about to hit a large portion of the world is winter. Winter is naturally going to bring a spike in cases that will mean travelling is going to become so much harder. But we also know how tempting it is to want to jump on a plane and go somewhere exotic, so you could think about going somewhere for a long weekend, or perhaps a week. If you look at the list of places in the ‘travel corridor’, there’s actually a ton of places you could easily travel to and get back without having to self isolate. But, it’s definitely important to remember that things could change any minute, so be careful booking a holiday abroad if you couldn’t afford to self isolate when returning home, the rules could change when you’re abroad! 

Go Somewhere Exotic

So, if you are going to wait until next year to plan something, why not think about planning to go somewhere exotic. There’s nothing better than going travelling around different parts of the world to experience different ways of life and culture. It opens your eyes to the differences around the world and how everyone else lives. Plus, going on holiday when you know you’re going somewhere tropical and beautiful just makes it oh so much better. So, you could begin by shopping houses for rent abroad. It’s often so much better to book flights and accommodation separately rather than booking a package holiday with everything included. You’ll find you are able to get far more for your money and the experience will be better. If you were to go somewhere like Thailand you could rent a whole house with a beautiful view and pools for less than you would if you were to go and stay in a commercial hotel. As always, make sure that you’re booking through legitimate websites that are trusted. 

If you are going to go somewhere exotic make sure that you spend the time researching what vaccinations you might need and if there are any travel restrictions. If you were to go somewhere like Thailand there are a few jabs that are advised. 

Finding Adventure In Everyday Life

Sometimes you don’t need to book a fancy trip and be off somewhere exotic, all you need to do is find adventure in everyday life. If you get up each day and think what can I do to make my life great today, you’ll find yourself doing things that you might not have done. You might go on long walks, or on an evening bike ride, or out for drinks on your own to see who you meet. Sometimes a sense of adventure is simply doing something that you wouldn’t usually do and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. We know how easy it is to wake up and feel deflated, but life really is what you make of it. If you wake up every day and try and make the day great, you’ll find yourself having an adventure every single day. 

A Simple Road Trip

This might be the easiest option at the minute, and one that you can do at a moment’s notice. All you need for a road trip is a car and a location, you don’t even need anyone to go with. With your music blazing and the open road ahead of you, a road trip alone can be rather soothing. Obviously it is better to be able to go with someone else, so find yourself a road trip partner and try planning one within the next week or so. There are no doubt so many locations you could drive to, just within a two hours drive. Whether it be a beach or a mountain, or some sort of nature trail, you can no doubt find somewhere amazing to go. Plus, road trips are generally nice and cheap as well. 

Be More Daring

Finally, we wanted to encourage you to be a little more daring. Do things that push you out of your comfort zone and live a life you know you won’t regret. So if you are going to plan an adventure, why not tie it in with a bungee jump, or rock climbing, or even skydiving! The more you pack into your adventures when you do go, the more worthwhile it’s going to seem!