Carpets are very vulnerable to pollution, as they are constantly exposed to various negative factors. Crumbs fall on the carpet, dirt and dust settle on it, and the coating can also be stained with paint – from a water-based paint to the usual watercolors used by children. If the product was stained with paint, then it is better to contact a professional carpet cleaners. If you want to clean yourself, then use the recommendations on how to remove the paint from the carpet and remove the old stains collected in our instructions.

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

Tips for Removing Paint from Flooring

Any kind of paint has a thick consistency, so the substance that has got on the carpet should never be intensively wiped off. You need to take a paper or textile napkin, and then carefully collect the maximum amount of paint. It is recommended to clean the contaminated area from the edges to the center, which will help not to increase the spot area. You can spread the napkins around the spilled paint so that it does not spread over the coating. Remember a few tips:

  • Acrylic and other types of paints used for decoration are highly resistant to water, so alcohol, acetone, glycerin are better to remove them. This rule applies to hair dyes;
  • paints for drawing can be removed with cold water and detergent;
  • during carpet cleaning, strictly follow the instructions, remember that you can not mix vinegar with soda, hydrogen peroxide or bleaches. The combination of these components leads to the formation of harmful gases, which can have a negative impact on human health;
  • test any product before application on a small area of ​​the floor covering;
  • be sure to wear gloves, when working with bleaches and stain removers.

How to Wash Paint from a Carpet with Ammonia?

You can clean the carpet with ammonia using the following carpet cleaning recipe:

  • mix 1 tbsp. ammonia and the same amount of colorless dishwashing liquid;
  • add a cup of water (about 200 ml) to the mixture;
  • apply the solution to contamination using a sponge, leave for 30 minutes;
  • remove cleaning agent components with cold water.

Please note that ammonia cannot be used to clean carpets, which are dominated by natural wool. The considered method demonstrates high efficiency in the fight against chronic spots.

How to Wash Acrylic Paint from the Carpet?

Acrylic compounds can be removed from the floor with glycerin and acetone-based products:

  • apply a small amount of glycerin to a dry cloth;
  • press the napkin to the stain, leave it for 3-5 minutes;
  • remove residual dirt using acetone or nail polish remover;
  • rinse the coating with a solution prepared from 1 cup of water and 1 tbsp. liquid for washing dishes. Ventilate the room, dry the cleaned area with a towel.

This carpet cleaning method is not suitable for silk and wool carpets. The use of glycerin and acetone can lead to deformation or discoloration of the pile, so do not forget to conduct a preliminary test on a small area of ​​the product.

How to Clean the Carpet from Paint with Vinegar?

Vinegar is a proven tool that can be safely applied to remove fresh and old stains. Use the following carpet cleaning method:

  • mix 1 tbsp. vinegar with the same amount of dishwashing detergent, as well as one glass of cold water;
  • moisten a sponge in the solution, wipe the stain from the edges to the center;
  • periodically cover the area to be cleaned with a dry towel to remove components of contamination and excess moisture;
  • wipe the product with a damp sponge at the finish.

You can remove green paint, iodine and other persistent contaminants by using medical alcohol: soak a cloth in alcohol, wipe the stain, rinse the product with clean water. Hydrogen peroxide fights well with the type of stains in question, which must be applied according to the same scheme as medical alcohol. Peroxide has bleaching properties, it should be used only if the above funds did not help.