Many a times while you are in-between a family road trip, you notice strange rumbling noise from your tyres and in extreme cases you might have faced a tyre puncture. That unexpected flatting of tyres might have left you stranded on a road with your family. Why does this happen when you have done all vehicle quality checks before starting a trip? 

Many motorists consider the check on their vehicle tyres as a least priority matter and give more importance to vehicle check like engine diagnostic or fuel check. They forget that car tyre care is as important as checking its engine and fuel efficiency. Tyre care and check is as important as monitoring the vehicle engine. How do you know that you are taking care of your tyre quality?

In areas that touch rugged highland slopes and have unpredictable weather conditions like Stirling, you need to take good care of your tyres as uneven terrain can easily damage the quality of your tyres. Therefore, you should carefully examine if your tyres are equally inflated. They should not be over inflated as it can cause your tyres to burst in case they come in contact with bumpy road surface. Also underinflated tyres will cause your tyres to flatten out too quickly making you suffer from unanticipated tyre puncture. In case you are looking for quality tyres in Stirling, you should visit Fife Autocentre where you can get tyres stocked from popular tyre makes. 

Additional to this you need to see if your wheels are properly aligned. This means that wheels are pointing at the similar direction while you are driving your vehicle. In case there is a slight change in any one of your wheel direction, there is high chance of losing control of your vehicle while driving. Hence it is important for you to monitor if your tyres are equally aligned and there is no issue while driving. 

Another very important tyre care tip is to look at the tread depth of your tyres. According to UK vehicle law requirements it should be equal to 1.6 mm. If you are a regular driver in area like Stirling then lower tyre depth will cause sharp materials like rocks and pebbles to damage your tyres by easily deteriorating the tyre rubber quality.

To avoid unexpected halts during your driving, it is very important to look after the health of your tyres along with checking your engine and fuel efficiency. Tyre care check should not be put in isolation and you should regularly monitor your vehicle’s tyre quality in order to have a pleasant motoring experience.