Have you considered keeping chickens? Here’s our review of the Eglu Go Up Chicken Coop.

The Eglu Go Up review has taken a while for me to put together as I really wanted to see how I felt and got on with the product before I made my views known. I would love to live on a farm but this will have to do!

A plastic chicken house?!

keeping chickens with the Eglu Go Up chicken coop
Eglu Go UP

I remember reading about the Eglu years ago, as it had a fab little story about its creation to go with it, some friends put together a Chicken house as an art project in University and as it was such a fab idea, it took off and The Eglu was born, the company that houses this design is fetchingly called Omlet, which I think is very Fitting.

Omlet chicken run

Keeping Chickens

Anyway, My family and I had 6 chickens two years back, We made a chicken house out of a Garden storage unit and we picked up some really strong fencing at a local Sunday Auction for pennies. You might be able to find something on eBay. It took us two days to get it all up and running, then introduced the Chickens.

It was great at first, but after several periods of rain, rats making burrows under the fence, so that they could come in and steal food, and the ground turning really yucky, we decided to find a kind home for the chickens and hold our failed hands up, we were all really disappointed as it was good fun having the girls, and having a supply of fresh eggs daily is amazing.

I put my Dream of keeping chickens and a veggie patch to bed, and resided to the fact I would be buying my fresh but expensive free range eggs from the local farm shop. 

Eglu Go UP
Keeping Chickens in the Eglu Go UP

However, I jumped at the chance to review the Eglu Go Up, as I had previously seen it and even though it looked great, the expense of it turned me off, as I had already failed one attempt and I was scared to do it again and lose money !.

Eglu Go UP boxes
Keeping chickens in the Eglu Go UP

Omlet, have branched out and now specialises in several products from Modern looking dog homes to the trendy looking Bee Haus and I was asked to review the Eglu Go Up.

The funky bit of kit houses up to 4 hens, comes in a purple or green colour and basically comes with everything you need to successfully keep chickens, the price tag for this is £499 which I did honestly cough at, but bear with me….

Eglu Go UP out of boxes in pieces ready to assemble
Eglu Go UP

I received several messages to say the time my Eglu Go Up would be delivered, and when we received it ( bang on time !), it came in a couple of Omlet logo boxes.

Assembling the Eglu Go Up

When we took everything out and crossed it off the list, I set the task of setting it up to my 11 year old son, this would actually see how easy it was to put together , as it was supposed to be easy.

young boy assembling the Eglu Go UP green frame
Eglu Go UP

Within an hour, he had the main frame up, and then he moved on to putting the house together. The instructions were fool proof, and Arin done it all by himself, without any prompts from me.

young boy assembling the Eglu Go UP white door
Eglu Go UP

The trickiest  part was the fencing, and my partner was roped in to help as it was a bit tough for little fingers, but after 3 hours and 22 minutes, our Eglu Go Up was ready to rock and roll.

young boy feeding 4 hens with Eglu Go UP in back ground
Eglu Go UP

How to clean the Eglu Go Up?

So one month on, my chickens are still here, there is no brown or sluggy marks on my lawn as I move the Eglu Go Up around to a new spot daily, the wheels and lightness of the Eglu make this easy. I brush it out every morning and give it a good wash on the weekend, it is honestly really easy to do, as the components are light and fit back together really easily.

cleaning the Eglu Go UP with soapy water and a brush
Eglu Go UP

I pretty much let the chickens have full rein of my Garden, and have stopped them coming up onto our patio, as they really are poo machines, but they are minimal effort animals and are so happy to just walk around, chase flies and dig for worms. As soon as it gets dark, they go into the Eglu Go Up by themselves and I just close the door to keep them warm and secure. They all take it in turns during the day, to go and lay eggs in the coop, so I will nip down and collect my super fresh eggs, which my son has turned into a little business. As we are getting four eggs a day, we are not eating them fast enough, so Arin sells the eggs to our neighbours and uses the profit to save up for a chicken swing which Omlet also sell.

pink and green Eglu Go UP assembled inc 4 chickens
Eglu Go UP

I really, Really love the Eglu Go Up and it has been a game changer for me. Yes, it is an expensive bit of kit, but for someone that tried and failed to do it the cheap way, I honestly wish that I had done it properly in the first place. If your seriously looking to get some hens and do it properly, then check out the comments on the Omlet website.

Kelly xx

*Please note, I have NOT been paid or have affiliate links with this company, the views are my own.

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