If there is one thing the Morrisons cafe does extremely well it is the all day breakfast. Many a fun days out have started with a hearty Morrisons breakfast deal – especially since they are one of the few places left to get fried bread with your breakfast. It is with great regret that we let you know that Morrisons are no longer doing fried bread with their breakfasts.

Morrisons cafes are back and we are very excited.

With their reopening after many lockdowns also comes a new menu, without fried bread.


The new opening also means a new way to order too.

Morrisons breakfast deals

What is the origin of breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day typically eaten early in the morning, typically after waking up. It is made up of the words ‘break’ and ‘fast’, to show that you are breaking fast.

The first documented mention of breakfast was found in an Egyptian hieroglyph from around 1000 BC which declared that “the king should take breakfast while sitting on his throne,” and this meal consisted of fruit, bread, beef, vegetables and wine.

I’m not sure how wine for breakfast would go down these days, but please sign me up!

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How to order a Morrisons breakfast

There are three ways to order your Morrisons breakfast deal.

You can order at the special ordering point screens usually located at the front of the cafe, and pay using your card. You will need to know your table number.

You can order at the end of the queue with a cashier, choosing to pay via cash or card.

Or you can now order at your table by scanning the QR code using your smartphone. You will only be able to pay via card.

Morrisons breakfast deals

Morrisons Breakfast Serving Times

Despite the name, Morrisons breakfast deals are served all day, every day – until the cafe closes.

Morrisons Breakfast menu options

The menu for Morrisons breakfast bowls includes:

  • Porridge
  • Porridge with berries and honey
  • Museli


The egg selections include:

  • Eggs on toast
  • Poached eggs and avocado


The toast options on the Morrisons breakfast menu include:

  • White bloomer
  • Brown bloomer
  • Sourdough
  • Toasted fruit teacake with butter and preserve

Breakfast plates

The famous Morrisons breakfast plates include:

  • Full breakfast
  • Small breakfast
  • Full veggie
  • Full vegan

Breakfast extras

The breakfast extras are charged at 75p each and include: sausages, bacon, beans, eggs, hash browns, mushrooms, tomato and toast.

As you can see, fried bread is no longer included.

Morrisons vegan and vegetarian breakfast

Morrisons now offer a wide range of breakfast options suitable for vegetarians and vegans, including:

Porridge, veggie breakfast, vegan breakfast, muesli and more.

Morrisons breakfast deals