These pork stacks cost £1 each and serve 4 people.

Pork stacks

This is a delicious combination which is not only as cheap as chips to make but looks more complicated than it actually is !!. We look pork in our house, it has many health benefits.


To make these pork stacks, you will need….
4 muffins sliced in half.

Pkt rocket

10 eggs

150gr butter

White wine vinegar

Coarse mustard




I mixed the ham with some honey and bbq sauce.


Seperate two eggs and place the yolks into a bowl.
Melt the butter and place to the side.
Put some boiling water in a pan and place the egg yolks in the dish over the water.


Mix  with a whisk and slowly add the butter and the mustard. Mix it all until you get a lovely smooth consistency.
Start poaching your eggs.


Toast the muffins and warm the ham up. Place the rocket on top of the muffin, and then place the ham on the rocket.
Pour the sauce over the ham and place the egg on top, season well and enjoy…..