These spooky Halloween hands are less than 10p each to make!

Spooky Halloween hands
Spooky Halloween hands

Halloween has grown in popularity here in the UK, we are following in the US footsteps and making a real celebration of all things spooky. Whether you decorate your home or just want to do something fun at home these Spooky Halloween Hands will terrify us all!

This is a super simple, cheap as chips idea that will hopefully gross people out. It takes about half an hour to prepare and it looks really effective.

Spooky Halloween Hands
Make Spooky Halloween Hands!

You will need…..

I cup of popcorn kernels

2 tbsp. coconut oil

10 plastic gloves

red nail varnish




  1. Firstly we are going to paint the ends of the gloves with some red nail varnish, pop your hand into the glove and paint away, this will take seconds and it makes me think how easy this would be if we always put our varnish on like this.


Most people would shudder at making popcorn but it is so simple and I can guarantee that the kids will love watching you do this, when the first kernel explodes and they jump out of their skin, they will be in fits of giggles !

2. Get a large pan with a lid and pop it onto a high heat and put the coconut oil into the bottom of the pan, when this has melted, you should have a good covering of liquid oil in the bottom, throw in 4 kernels and pop the lid on and wait for them ALL to explode, some may take longer than others, when they have all popped, remove the pan from the heat, take out the popcorn and leave this from the heat for around 30 seconds.


3. Put your cup of popcorn kernels into the pan, replace the lid but leave  a slight gap and place it over the heat. Waiting will seem like an eternity, but slowly they will start popping and expanding and when you have a good 10 seconds after most of them have stopped popping, remove this from the heat and have a taste.

4. The coconut oil, makes the popcorn taste delicious and it doesn’t burn easy. I put a mixture of salt and icing sugar on the popcorn, but I thought popping candy or sherbet would be fab.

5. Fill the gloves with the popcorn and crush the first couple of pieces so that they fit into the fingers, when they are full tie them up at the opening, like you would tie a balloon and bish, bash, bosh your done !!


10 spooky gloves for a non spooky price !

I hope you found this easy to follow and that the kids love them. For more Halloween treats try my Halloween eyeball cupcakes.

Kelly x