This Saturday, Reduced Grub was invited to the 2016 SHO-MO awards in London, We had been entered into The best Frugal food blog with many other fantastic bloggers, and we did not think that we had a hope in hell of walking away with anything, it would just be a great day to meet likeminded people and learn from the experience.

When they announced the winner I nearly hit the deck as I was not expecting a sniff, let alone to Win !! My lovely friend David from the blog Thinking thrifty (it’s fab, check it out as it has fab advice and money hacks !) had to kick me off the seat as I was sure they made a mistake.

So after 7 months of recipe making, cooking, force feeding (my family are dying for beans on toast !!) and a rapidly expanding bottom, this was a moment when I thought, Yes it was worth it.

So a big thank you for all of you that continue to follow Reduced Grub, comment (I love these !!!) and show that your still there next to me.

Kelly x