I get so many requests as to what do I use in the kitchen when I am preparing, cooking or serving my recipes, so I thought I would share some of my items that are my kitchen staples, I have linked them to Amazon to give you an idea on the price, dimensions and variations, but if you need any help or ideas, please ask and I will do my best to help. I have only shared a couple of  but if this goes down well, I will happily do a post in the future sharing more information.

Kelly x



I am pants at making a poached egg look pretty, I have tried swirling the water, adding vinegar, you name it I have tried it !. I originally bought an egg poaching pan from Argos and it was ok, but the eggs kept sticking, so I paid a little extra and picked this poacher and it has made my eggs look sooooooo much nicer.



The Griddle pan is a cheeky little pan that can change the whole look of a dish !. Meat, fish, veg and cheese (as above) is fab on the griddle pan as it gives it a sexy little charred imprint making you look like you know what your doing and the food looks a lot more wow!. All you have to do, is heat the pan up over a hob for 3/4 minutes, paint a tiny bit of oil over the groves and pop on your food, if you want the lined look, do not move the food around, when I clean it I pop a bit of washing powder and water in the pan and let it soak for an hour or two.



I love my pestle and Mortar and it has lasted me for years. This is a priceless piece of equipment if you are a keen cook !. You can smash up Garlic, spices, nuts you name it.

I always smash up cashew nuts, soak them until they are creamy and pop them into a curry, the difference in taste is fantastic. My best piece of information to share about the pestle and mortar is to NEVER drop it on your foot, this will easily be one of the heaviest items in your kitchen. (Shared from past experience !!!)




I have only recently started using Measuring cups and what a game changer this has turned out to be !.If you are a non gambler when it comes to following recipes, these cups are really helpful as you can guarantee that you are adding the correct amounts to the dish.




I was introduced to Old Bay Seasoning several years ago by an American Aunt (Hi Nancy !!), and it has become my most and bestest used spice in the kitchen to date. It is great on chicken, fish, Mexican food and especially chips, we love it with sweet potato wedges. The cheapest place that I source it in the UK is from Amazon but if you or if you have any friends going to the States for a holibob, demand that they fetch one back for you as they are only around £2.