I love a good decent olive oil for salads and various dishes. I picked up some flavoured olive oil in a delicatessen and quickly put it back down after I clocked the price, so when i had too much basil in the kitchen i decided on making an Italian flavoured olive oil.

I pick up the Olive oil from Lidl ( it is one of the cheapest but has been voted one of the best) for £1.99 for 750ml. I can make 2 flavoured oils out of this one bottle.

flavoured olive oil

In an empty bottle (I like the Kilner bottles) pop in peppercorns, basil, peeled garlic cloves and rosemary and decant the olive oil over the top of your mixture. If you want a strong taste add lots of the above.

flavoured olive oil

Seal up and turn it upside down so that the air bubbles move around the bottle daily.

The longer you leave it the oil, the more the flavours infuse.

This flavoured olive oil works well with bruschetta and risotto.