This homemade bird food is SO easy to make!

Homemade bird food
Homemade bird food

Sometimes, things can backfire on me and today I had that fab job of cleaning out my kitchen cupboards, because I  bought back a load of dodgy spices from my travels abroad, only to find that I was too share my kitchen with one too many 8 legged critters, that flicked me the bird every time I opened my cupboard !.

I thought I was imagining it, but one definitely said Boo this morning and I realised that I have too scrap all plans today and get evicting !.

Three hours later, with numb fingers, a sore eye from rubbing super strong jog on germ liquid into it , throbbing knees, and one air punch I was finished. However, I had a good sort out in the process and came across lots of cereal that we don’t eat any more, mostly nutty muesli and various other combinations, so I thought that because it is getting cold I would do something nice for our feathery friends and make some homemade bird food.


I also sorted through my cheese mountain and decided to throw some of this into the mix.

I put all the cereal, cheese, a packet of old sunflower seeds and a tub of reduced priced duck lard into a bowl and added half a kettle of boiling water. Mixing this up was very therapeutic (well before the smell hit me!), and I made sure the cereal had absorbed the melted fat and was mixed it well.

dscf0899Next I got an old butter tub, one of my daughters shoe laces ( I told her to pick it up of her bedroom floor several times !!), a pair of scissors and a small screw driver.

I did not wash the tub out, as birds like fat and I poked a hole through either side of the tub and threaded the laces through, then knotted them each side of the entry point.

dscf0902I repeated this with several other plastic tubs and filled these with the homemade bird food.

I put some drainage holes into the bottom and hung them up in different locations, but out of my cats way.


Autumn is a warming time with the beautiful colours of the leaves and the mega fab excuse of putting the heating on, but it has just got nicer with the fact that I can watch my regular robin eat some reduced grub from my kitchen window, all from me making some quick and easy homemade bird food for them!

I am sure he would give me the thumbs up if it was possible!!.