Looking for recipes to use up Easter eggs? Have too many and you don’t know what to do with them? Look no further as I have shared three delicious ways for you to use up those Easter eggs in a tasty and indulgent way!
three recipes to use up easter eggs

Fortunately both my step son Ioan and myself can down a whole easter egg quicker than a vodka shot, but we have only dented the stash and have not even come close to clearing it. Honestly, i am not feeling good, i think I have the chocolate shakes, so I have decided that the chocolate has to to do one and disappear. Even my neighbours have confirmed that I’m starting to look like Augustas Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate factory! Sometimes there actually can be a thing such as too much chocolate and Easter seems to kickstart that!

And did you know that chocolate has some health benefits?

So to help the egg stash vanish, I have decided to be a bit savvy and freeze half of the chocolate and cook with the other half. Chocolate is fab to freeze as it can prolong it for 50%, so you can pop it in the freezer for up to 16 months. Just pop it into a freezer bag, tie it up and use it as you need it. It is always handy to have some popped in the freezer for future use – I’m always making cakes and brownies!

There are some fab recipes for slow cooker fudge, various cakes and sweet treats knocking about Facebook and other blogs atm, so pop them into your library and save for some treat days. I’ve seen some recipes that I am definitely going to be trying with the rest of mine and my stepson’s stash!

Here are some amazingly delicious recipes which i have previously published that would work well with the frozen chocolate.

Real Deal Chocolate Brownies – you need just 45 minutes to make these and they taste incredible. I love adding different types of chocolate each time I make them to ensure I am trying something new. I even love to occasionally use flavour oils in them to give them that little bit of a flavour kick!

Chocolate Cake In The Slow Cooker – this recipe is certainly a game changer! It is something you can prepare and leave and also makes your house smell amazing, so chocolatey and delicious! You can serve this with ice cream and it is a surefire winner with the whole family.
Leftover Easter Egg Brownies – we make these every year after Easter when the kids have had too much chocolate and there’s bits and pieces, dribs and drabs all over the place. Just bung them all together and make these delicious brownies, you certainly won’t regret it!

I hope this has given you some ideas and please feel free to share if you know of other people fighting the same chocolate war as my household. We don’t always have leftover chocolate but when we do, we know exactly what to do with it! Have you any favourite recipes for leftover chocolate – or do you never have that problem in your house?

Take care and stay safe !

Kelly xx