• Day 7 of the challenge ( HURRRRRAYYYYY)


    Poached eggs on toast are a firm favorite of ours ans this only cost £1.10


    I picked up some nice panini bread in Asda for 44p, and i had some lovely mozzarella to use up, soi mixed it with some parsley and seasoned tomatoes and they turned out better than any we have eaten before. I spread a little bit of red pesto on the one side of the bread and this was a good move.



    Lunch came to £1.02


    We still had lots if curry to use up, so I made some tri coloured rice, some chappati and a little salad, and it was devoured within minutes.

    Chappatis are so easy to do, just flour and water and they make a great side for any curry.

    Dinner 75p.


    Day 7 total came in at £2.87

    Which took my 7 day total to £20.40.

    It can be done, but be clever with your meals, plan well and try and get your 5 a day into the menu.
    If your going to try this, good luck and try and have fun with it 💗💗💗

  • Day 6 of feed my family with £20 for 7 days.


    As a family, we started off the day with some chocolate and coconut porridge topped with a banana.
    A firm favourite with the children, it is a quick, cheap and filling start .

    Breakfast 22p


    Lunch wasn’t the most exciting, but it was made up of left over chicken, red onion, tomato and mayo sandwiches.

    Lunch was a steal at 19p


    Dinner was fab and again so cheap, as i had picked up sooooooo much cheap 9p veg at morrisons and i used the left over chicken. The naan breads were reduced as well as the yogurt.

    Dinner was a really low cost affair at £1.07




    Day 6 total £1.48

  • Anything goes lamb curry recipe

    This anything goes lamb curry recipe is exactly what it says on the tin!

    anything goes lamb curry recipe

    This is another simple lamb curry recipe, but its got so much stuff in that you don’t need to serve it with anything, it has the curry taste but it looks like a stew.

    Pop it in your slow cooker in the morning and come home to a beautiful smelling home in the evening.


    You will need……

    Diced lamb
    Onion chopped
    Tinned tomatoes
    Can of coconut milk
    I tbsp finely chopped ginger
    2 garlic cloves chopped
    2 chillies ( crack, split or open if you want a real spicy curry)
    1tsp tumeric
    1 tsp cumin
    3 tsp curry powder
    Cinnamon stick
    I chopped plum
    1 cup of washed red lentils
    Any veg that needs to be used up.

    Coriander and yoghurt to serve.


    You can add raisins, take the plum out, add coconut, feel free to experiment and release the curry chef within 😉



    Pop everything in your slow cooker or oven dish, give it a good mix and say good bye for several hours. Keep it on a low heat, and when you check it a couple of hours later, turn up the heat if the veg is still too al dente.


    Serve with a little bit of yoghurt and a sprinkle of coriander.


    Why not check out this delicious vegetable crumble recipe?

  • Day 5 of the £20 challenge


    Breakfast consisted of wholemeal toast, topped with Ricotta and honey, an unusual yet  lovely combination.

    This only cost 26p



    I picked up a pack of three Houmous from M&S for 15p (5p each), and as i had some flat breads aswell, i decided to toast them in some olive oil so that they would crisp up, and make a great accompaniment for the houmous.

    With the fruit and the yogurt, this made a nice change for the lunchbox.
    We also had enough for one left over fish salad.


    Total for lunch was 48p


    I picked up a reduced chicken a week or so previous to the challenge, it was previously £9.66 marked down to £2.20, so a great buy.
    A chicken is great as you can get a couple of meals from it.
    A also bought a reduced celeriac for 9p, some leeks for 24p and a packet of carrots and sweet potato for 9p.


    So  a roast chicken, with pan fried leeks, celeriac puree and caraway seed carrots was rustled up at a cost of £3.12.


    My daily total was £3.86

  • Day 4 of the £20 challenge

    Ok, so we are now on the hump of the week and we are running a little bit over target, lets hope that i can rein it in  bit !!!!

    Breakfast 59p


    We picked up these ready to bake croissants in the chilled reduced shelf at Co -op for 59p,
    So we ate these for breakfast , no butter or anything needed as they were delicious by themselves.

    Lunch 91p


    I picked up some wholemeal flat breads, and as i had some mozzarella to use up, i decided on making some flat bread pizza’s for lunch, which was a big hit with everyone.
    It is a good tip to make them the night before, as if you put them into the lunchbox still warm, they could go a bit soggy.


    Dinner £1.50

    I had picked up some ready cooked salmon for 50p and i had a small bit of cod left, so i thought i would make a fish salad with a soy and honey dressing.
    Fish salad is not only really healthy but honestly it is so delicious.
    I mixed it with some onions and peppers that i fried and after mixing it with the onion, lettuce and parsley, we had enough for 4 meals plus a lunch box.




    So todays grand total was £3.00

  • My thoughts – Approved Foods Review

    This is my Approved Foods review – my thoughts of the company as a whole.

    Approved Foods review

    I was contacted by a Gentleman called Jack Walker in April, and he explained that he was from company called Approved food. It is an online company that sell food, drink and household goods that are either from manufacturer’s residual stock, items that have old packaging, past before date items (The best before date is just a manufacturer’s estimate as to when their products quality has passed it’s peak, however the products are still perfectly fine to consume) or from trial stock.

    I had never heard of Approved food before, so I put the email in a to do list and answered it a couple of days later. When I looked on the actual website of the company, i was blown away and immediately replied to Jack that I would love to do a review, as it was not only a fantastic idea of saving money from the comfort of your armchair but some of the products were fantastic.

    My first product saving that was first spotted, was an item that I had previously seen that week in M&S, it was an item called “Great British Butcher Rub”, which is a high quality meat spice rub in a fancy tin, M&S had it on offer for £1 down from £3, but Approved food had it for 39p for one tin or three tins for £1.


    I was very eager to do a review on Approved food, so Jack gave me £30 credit and free delivery to choose, eat and review all the products from a start to finish process with Approved, so here goes……

    It has to be said that I am not the best when it comes to computers and technology, so thankfully The website is easy to find, easy and straight forward to use and once you have registered and confirmed your email (took less than 3 minutes), your ready to rock and roll.


    Once you click on the Start shopping button, you have a huge selection of offers displayed on the screen, from Milka Choc Cows,to John West Tuna to flash deal offers on wine ( 5 small bottles of Blossom Hill rose for £3, in Tesco 1 small bottle of Blossom hill red is £1.65!!!)


    Several different categories are at the top of the screen and they range from Latest products to Groceries, Alcohol, Health and beauty, pets, dietary etc.

    What I really am drawn to is the Dietary & Lifestyle section, for a vast majority of people who are on gluten free, low sugar, low carb diets etc it can be very limited and a costly rollercoaster, so this would be of great use to people with a special dietary lifestyle.


    Within ten minutes of me signing into the site, i had 20 bags of Square crisps, kitchen roll, wine, garlic, chocolate,noodles and muchhhhhh more in my shopping basket, so when i checked out, it was really interesting to be told that i had saved 63% on my goods !!

    My basket came to £29.86 but the RRP was £50.61 so a flipping fab saving.


    Delivery is not the cheapest at £5.99 but when you consider this to be a huge box of shopping that has been put together from the comfort of your home, it doesn’t seem too bad after all, especially if you order more than one box, the price is discounted.
    It is dispatched from Sheffield and they aim to make it to you  within 2 to 3 days, if you live in a Sheffield or Doncaster postcode, then you are able to pick up the shopping for free.


    Prices to Scotland, Ireland and EU Countries may have different charges.

    I am really looking forward to my goods arriving, i will do a review of the goods when they arrive.
    If you have used Approved food before or if you fancy giving any feed back on their website, please comment on this link.

    Thanks for reading.








  • Day 3 of feed my family with £20 for a week.

    Day 3 total £2.92!

    Day 3 has started of with some filling and healthy porrridge which has come in at 40p for the four of us.

    flatlay of porridge with plum and breakfast seeds

    I used Lidl oats which are only 35p for a bag, i used maybe a 1/4 for the 4 of us, it was topped off with breakfast seeds and a diced plum (all on offer)

    Cheap lunch

    2 packed lunches 70p
    2 left over sheperds pie

    picture of peanut butter, frubes with orange reduced tag, pancakes and fruit with yellow reduced tags

    Affordable classic dinner

    A kids favourite for tea, hotdog and healthy fries (thank god for my actifry !!!!)

    yellow sticker potatoes, bread rolls and Lincolnshire sausages
    sausages in bread roll with tomato sauce, mayo and actify potato chips on a wooden board

    And a healthy dessert. 51p

    mixed fruit pudding  using reduced greek yogurt
  • Traditional Lentil Soup Recipe

    This traditional lentil soup recipe is super delicious!

    This is based on a Turkish soup called mercimek Corba, which is a widely eaten dish in Turkey. It is so simple with only a few ingredients, but is full of flavour and full of goodness. It’s super cheap too at less than £1 for a heap!

    Cheap Traditional Lentil Soup Recipe

    Traditional Lentil Soup Recipe

    I make a huge pan of this soup, as i pop the left overs in sauces as the lentils hold the flavour fantastically well and dishes such as Sheperds pie to bulk it out and add extra goodness.

    bread with yellow tag on a chopping board with lentils, red onion, passata sauce, garlic puree, herbs and stock cubes

    Ingredients you will need…..

    • Half a packet of red lentils
    • 1 onion finely chopped
    • 2 stock cubes, chicken or veg
    • 1 tsp cumin
    • 1 tsp salt
    • 1 tsp chilli flakes
    • 3 tsp dried or fresh mint.
    • I cup of passata
    • 10g butter


    1. Fry the onions in a pan with the butter

      when they are soft add the lentils and keep stirring for around a minute.

    2. Fry the onions in a pan with the butter

      When they are soft add the lentils and keep stirring for around a minute.

    3. Add a pint of water and everything else, mix well and bring to the boil

      When it has been bubbling for about 5 minutes, turn down the heat to a gentle simmer and let it gently bubble for around an hour.

    If the soup looks too thick add a little bit more water, but it should have a slightly thick consistency.


    I hope you enjoy this super cheap lentil soup recipe!! Xx

    Another great recipe with lentils can be found here!

  • Feed my family for a week with £20 | Day 1

    I set myself the task to feed my family, two adults and 2 children for a week with just £20!

    To feed your family with this small amount (around 70p each per day) takes will power, planning and forward thinking so here’s how I got on!

    £20 a week food challenge!

    multi coloured magnetic letters on fridge holding £20 note 'savvy shopping guide for mums'

    I have used meals that can be stretched, manipulated but still can still be enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong i have almost turned off to the chippy several times, but i want to show people that it can be done in a fun, healthy and yummy way !!!

    Healthy eating on a budget

    I have tried to include a 5 a day rule and a healthy streamline, but it has gone off track on some days ( i’m only human ;)) so here goes………

    Day 1 – total £3.46

    A bag of bagels with condiments came in at 36p

    Morrisons bagels in a plastic bag with yellow tag on them 19p

    Homemade Turkish mercimek corba ( lentil soup) with wholemeal crusty bread only £1.10

    picture of pasta sauce, Asda granary bread with yellow tag on for 30p. tube of garlic puree, herbs, red onion and green stock cubes on a chopping board
    mercimet corba in a bowl alongside triangular cut bread on a chopping board

    Cod and chips only 50p per portion.

    mix of ingredients, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, red onions and cod (majority with yellow tags).
    cod and scallop sliced potatoes with spinach on the top
  • Coriander Chicken Curry With Coconut Quinoa

    This coriander chicken curry is so delicious paired with some tasty coconut quinoa.

    Coriander chicken curry
    Coriander Chicken curry

    I am officially cold, so I’m looking for meals that warm my cockles. As I previously mentioned, my slow cooker has risen from the back of the cupboard, and I’m trying several different recipes with it.

    I recently had a huge success with a chunk of beef, cooked in red wine and cooked over several hours, the gang loved it, it was hovered up in no time and I had no moans from Lord fussy arse, so expect that edition soon.

    However lets talk convenience and spice, and this chicken curry and coriander recipe ticks those boxes. I thought I would be super healthy and try my hand at Quinoa, and it actually turned out really nice. So here is the deal…..

    Coriander and Chicken curry

    You will need…..

    I was extremely lazy on this meal as the chicken that i picked up was already roasted and the spices were a steal at 19p.

    Chicken portions( with bones in to release the flavours)

    Diced Onion

    1 packet of tandoori spice mix

    Several small diced peppers

    Tinned tomatoes

    Any veg to use up.

    2 cups of quinoa

    2 chicken stock cubes


    Coriander and Chicken curry

    Place everything except the quinoa and stock cubes into a slow cooker or oven proof dish with a lid and cook on a low heat for several hours.
    The chicken should fall away from the bones.

    Coriander Chicken curry

    Wash the Quinoa really well in cold water and then put into a pan.

    Coriander Chicken curry

    Add the stock cubes , 1tsp salt and boiling water, mix well and cover.
    For 2 cups of quinoa i would use 4 cups of water.

    Let the quinoa gently simmer and when all the water has been absorbed, remove from the heat but keep the lid on for about 5 minutes.
    If the quinoa is still crunchy, add a bit more water.

    Coriander and Chicken curry

    Plate up the chicken and the quinoa, sprinkle on some

    coriander and enjoy……
    If a hot curry is your poison, add some chilli’s to the pot when cooking, crack the chilli’s for extra heat !!!!

    Check out this healthy dish for pennies xFor more healthy and diet friendly recipes have a look at http://www.recipe1.com

  • Prawn Ricotta Pasta With Dill

    This prawn ricotta pasta with dill comes in at just £1.37 per serving!

    Prawn ricotta pasta with dill
    Prawn ricotta pasta with dill

    This prawn ricotta pasta with dill is a simple, colourful and flamboyant meal that will fill up the family on a budget. I picked up some reduced prawns from Waitrose, some reduced dill and ricotta from Sainsburys, so I thought I would chuck them together and see what I came up with and the result was a yummy family-friendly dinner that we all enjoyed.


    You will need…..


    Handfull of chopped dill

    Ricotta cheese

    1 packet of spaghetti

    50g butter

    3/4 garlic cloves chopped

    1 onion finely chopped

    Half a glass of white wine.

    Green leaves i.e spinach


    Cover the spaghetti in a pan with boiling water, add a good dash of salt and a drop of olive oil and let it gently simmer until its soft.
    When it is soft, drain and leave it stand for about a minute in the sieve to remove all the excess water.


    While the spaghetti is cooking, clean the king prawns and check that they are clean, if they have the intestines still inside,  slice open the back of the prawn with a sharp knife and remove.


    Fry the onion and garlic in the butter until the kitchen stinks and the onions are soft.


    Add the prawns and coat in the butter, fry for a further minute.


    Add the dill, ricotta, wine, salt and pepper, stir and let it simmer for several minutes.


    Add the sauce to the spaghetti, stir it well but don’t break the spaghetti.
    Make sure all the spaghetti is coated well, Dish it up onto plates and add a handful of rocket, spinach etc with a drizzle of olive oil to glaze the leaves.

    Another simple dish, with a few ingredients but heaps of flavour.

    I hope you enjoy my prawn ricotta pasta……

    For another delicious dish with dill, click here.