• Lamb stuffed courgette

    Lamb stuffed courgette is a fulfilling and super delicious meal!

    lamb stuffed courgette

    Right, Ok I hold my hands up and say this isn’t the best looking dish in the world, BUT it is so frigging nice, who cares !. A really low fat, cheap and clean meal that you will not feel crappy after eating and you will say to yourself, well I never ! Courgettes contain very few calories so are a great mate for a dieter, they also hold a nice stash of Vitamin C, which is a great Immune system boosting !.

    This lamb stuffed courgette is a typical Turkish meal that is a regular Dinner at the Family table and it became one of my favourites when I lived there. It is often served with a garlic Yogurt, but maybe that would be pushing many British pallets too far !.

    I picked up some lovely minced Lamb in The Co-op for 99p which was a fab saving and put it with 3 large Courgettes for 60p and a large handful of Parsley from the local Asian Supermarket for £1, so this dish came in at a great price of around 49p a serving, based on four. Now if your kids are fussy eaters, FORGET this but if you can try one meal out of all my recipe’s, then let this be the one as it really is a show stopper !

    To make this lamb stuffed courgette, you will need…..

    1/4 of a pack of lamb (70g)

    3 Courgettes

    good handful of parsley

    1 cup of rice ( try & make it brown)

    1 tin of tomatoes

    1 tsp salt

    1 tsp pepper

    1 tbsp. cumin

    2 chicken stock cubes

    1/2 cup tomato puree

    5 garlic cloves

    1 onion

    1 tbsp. chili flakes ( if you want a tiny kick)

    Cut the off the ends of the Courgette and then you will need to slice it up into disks of around 3cm in length.

    With a teaspoon, you will need to scrap out the centre of the flesh and leave enough around the outside to layer the courgette wall.

    The easiest way to do the filling is by putting it all in a blender and blitzing it. So put the tomatoes, onion, garlic and centres of the courgette and blitz it together, so that you end up with a colourful soup.


    I used a whole pack of lamb mince in this part of the recipe, as I carried it over for a base of a Lamb keema curry ( recipe to follow !). To the tomato mix, add the meat, salt, pepper, chilli and cumin and mix together really well, your hands are probably the best tool for this ( Sorry!).


    Fill every courgette centre with a handful of the mix and place this in a pan.

    As you can see, I have shared a photo with you of the curry base and also the stuffed Courgette. Food really can go along way, and there are so many healthy tricks that can not only bulk it, but also give you an extra source of goodness for a money saving journey.


    Now because I the food waste and I hate washing up even more, I used the food processing bowl to make up the stock, swill out the left over foodie bits and also mix in the Tomato puree. I used around 3/4 of a pint of boiling water to dissolve the stock cubes and chucked in some extra garlic cloves for good luck ( not good if your single and looking to date !) Pour the liquid over the stuffed courgettes, cover the pan with a lid and bring to the boil, turn it down to a low heat and leave it bubble for around 15 minutes.

    When you try a stuffed Courgette, the outside should be nice and soft and the rice and meat lovely, moist and super tasty.

    I love to eat this alone but this is a great dish served with Rice, salad or even mash.

    Enjoy X

    Here we go, my delicious lamb stuffed courgette recipe – and super affordable to make too.

    If you love food from the Med, try this Paella for pennies….

  • Easy Chesitzo Bread Recipe

    As a mum, I feel that I owe it to my sprogoons to teach them the basics in the kitchen, because if they left home and the only culinary experience they had was to turn on a kettle to fill a Pot Noddle, then I would feel pretty bad! A staple like a Chesitzo Bread Recipe should be in everyone’s repertoire!

    Don’t get me wrong, I grit my teeth when they are putting flour prints over the kettle and breadcrumbs are flying everywhere, but I have stuck with it, and Now Arin my youngest who is 11, can make Scrambled egg on toast, cheese toasties for example and I often get a cuppa bought up to me, which has really worked in my favour. Both Arin and my Stepson Ioan who is also 11, really love to help me in the kitchen and my heart does sink when they ask to help I’ll be honest, but they look so proud when they have finished their task, that I wouldn’t want to stamp on that eagerness, and who knows I will be able to put my feet up and have dinner made for me soon.

    My daughter is 14 and has no desire to learn to cook at all, I was being interviewed last year in my kitchen and I was explaining why I love to give my kids decent food,  I shared the secrets I use to bulk the food out healthily and why I hate packet foods,  In walks Emma and asks ” can I have a pot noodle mum”! She is awkward comedy to a T!!! When she was about 3, we were shopping in a busy supermarket and across the aisle from us was an extremely obese lady, Emma decided to shout ” Ohhhh, you like Donuts don’t you Lady!

    Anyway, I gave the boys the task of making up a recipe and they decided to make a bread for their breakfast. We made the dough the night before and they thought about ingredients they could incorporate into the bread.They decided to use wholemeal flour as it is healthier and then a heated debate erupted over the naming of the recipe, so in the end it was named after the Ingredients….Arin & Ioans Chesitzo bread recipe!

    You will need….

    Strong bread flour 10oz
    Yeast 1tsp
    Half tsp of salt
    Half tsp of sugar
    200ml warm water.
    Quarter of a stick of chorizo
    Salt and pepper.


    Put the flour, yeast, S&P, sugar and salt into a bowl and mix together.
    When it all sticks together, pop it on a floured service and knead for 5 minutes. (Or if you want some peace, 5 minutes each !)

    Pop it in a bowl and cover it with a damp tea towel. Place it in a warm place and leave for a minimum of 30 minutes but ideally overnight!

    Prepare the filling by chopping it all up and mixing together.

    Take the dough and turn it out onto a floured surface, knead it for a couple of minutes and then add the mixture into the dough and slowly knead it in.

    When its all folded in, roll out into a circle.
    I have seen a great idea online for twist and pull bread, so the boys followed that idea. Place it into an oiled baking tray and Put a small bowl onto the centre of the dough, and gently do an imprint with it. Slice some splits around the edge of the circle, and twist the pieces twice. I had some parmesan cheese going spare, so I grated this over the top.
    Put this onto the middle shelf of a preheated oven on a medium heat (180*) for around 20 minutes or until golden and crispy.

    This was a flipping gorgeous bread, and the boys were really chuffed. We let it cool down for several minutes before we tucked in, but with some real butter and puffed out chests, it was a great recipe for the kids to do.

    Can you believe I got Emma to make a cake !  Here is the recipe x


  • Cod With Chorizo Recipe

    This cod with chorizo recipe is just 70p a pop!

    cod with chorizo recipe

    So many people have a limited amount of fish in their lives for two main reasons, it is expensive and its difficult to cook ! When in actual fact, that is a double wrong! This cod with chorizo recipe is super affordable and so full of flavour.

    If you take yourself along to the Sainsburys fish counter you will often see fish marked down, or even better go at their magic hour (ask an shop assistant of their magic time) and you will pick it up soooooo cheap !

    I picked two pieces of cod for 84p, 2 pieces of haddock for 62p and two salmon pieces for 74p. These went straight into my freezer, and sat their quite happily until I was ready to use them !.

    With regard to cooking them, the easiest way is to make a foil parcel and cook it in the oven, which is low on mess and full on flavour !.

    The health benefits of fish are fab and they are often very low in fat, which makes it great for someone looking to lose a few pounds healthily and a great meal choice for kids are they are stuffed with Vitamin D and omega 3. !.

    They are also very versatile and always go with different flavours and sides !

    Smoked Haddock can make your house smell 50 shades of rank.

    Put some lemon juice or essential oils in water and pop this in the microwave for two minutes, this can help with the smell !

    To make this cod and chorizo recipe, you will need…..

    2 Cod fillets

    2 tbsp. Ricotta cheese

    6 slices of chorizo

    2 tbsp. tomato puree

    6 basil leaves

    1 tsp chili flakes ( optional)

    salt and pepper

    Turn the oven onto a medium heat and lay out a sheet of foil. Place the fish skin side down and spread half of the ricotta over one side of the fillet, lay the three pieces of chorizo on top. Repeat with the other Fillet.

    Place the basil over the chorizo and on the other side of the fish, spread the puree and sprinkle on the chilli flakes.

    Roll the fish up tightly, keeping all the filling inside, and make a parcel with the foil around the fish, we are going to let the steam cook the fish, so try and make sure it is sealed.

    Pop this in the oven for around 15 minutes and please be careful when you open the parcel, as it will be holding a lot of steam.

    I served this cod and chorizo recipe with some spaghetti, tossed in garlic butter with finely diced basil and chilli flakes.

    I hope you enjoy this delicious cod with chorizo recipe for just 70p a pop!

    If you like fish, why not try this frugal but delicious dish!

  • Homemade Chicken Nuggets Recipe

    These homemade chicken nuggets are made with real chicken and leftover crackers and the kids LOVE them!

    homemade chicken nuggets
    homemade chicken nuggets

    We had so many cheese biscuits left over from Christmas, that I had a think about what I could actually do with them, rather than chuck them away or let them entertain themselves in the bread bin for around about six months, until they were soft and had to be chucked out anyway!

    So I thought I would turn these into a coating for something, I blitzed them in the food processor and had breadcrumbs pronto. I blitzed several herby ones separately and bagged that up, as that would make a fab topping for a lasagne or pasta bake.

    I recently picked up some chicken breast strips from Waitrose for a fab price, so the ideal meal popped up and not only were the kids looking forward to it, but scraggy Annie (moi) was also a tad excited. Now I do put a lot of healthy recipes up on this Blog, but I really love bad food, I walk past MacDonald’s and blow it a kiss, the Chippy sets my heart racing and  would actually curl up and die if I could no longer eat an Indian takeaway!

    Get my drift! These homemade chicken nuggets taste just as good, even better, than their fast food faves.

    So this was a semi healthy take on a fast food meal, where there was actually 100% chicken breast and no bulking agents, added colours or E shite !

    homemade chicken nuggets
    homemade chicken nuggets

    For my homemade chicken nuggets, you will need……

    Chicken breast cut into strips or chunks

    10 crackers

    1 tsp salt

    1 tsp pepper

    1 egg

    1/4 cup milk

    1 cup of flour

    homemade chicken nuggets
    homemade chicken nuggets

    So firstly, put the oven on a medium heat and then blitz your crackers into a fine breadcrumb.

    The easiest and best way to coat anything in breadcrumbs is to do the dry, wet, dry method and the least messiest method is to do this in bags.

    In bag one put in a cup of flour, I use wholemeal as it is a bit of goodness I can stuff down the kids without them knowing ! Pop all the chicken in here and coat the chicken well.

    In bag two, put in the egg and milk, put the floured chicken in here next and again make sure it gets a good coating.

    And finally in bag three is the Cracker breadcrumbs, salt and pepper, now put the chicken in here and really bash it around the bag, making sure you press the crumbs to the meat.

    Put the nuggets onto a baking tray and put into the oven on a temperature of around 180* for around 15 to 20 minutes, turn once and before you serve, make sure the meat is white throughout and the coating is golden.

    Now you have to have chips with chicken nuggets and I cannot stand the smell of real cooked chips, but love the taste of them. Now my best piece of kit in my kitchen is the Tefal Actifry that cooks real chips in a spoonful of oil , and they actually taste Amazeballs. They are not cheap, around £100 but they are honestly a brill investment, because they leave no nasty whiffs, are easy to clean and the chips actually taste like real Chips !

    I added a tbsp. of coconut oil onto the spuds and let them cook for 30 minutes, it is a good idea to start cooking these before you make the nuggets.

    homemade chicken nuggets
    homemade chicken nuggets

    Enjoy X

    If you like good family meals, try these pulled pork burgers for less than 75p each !

    I’m linking up with CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week linky. Do check out the linky for yourself – it is great fun!

  • Best Boiled Eggs Ever!

    These are the best boiled eggs ever!

    best boiled eggs ever
    best boiled eggs ever

    I am not the biggest egg fan, but these little balls of protein are a fab all rounder! Eggs have so many health benefits.

    With only around 70 calories an egg, this is a perfect recipe for anybody wanting to scoff something fast while trying to lose a few pounds ,it is great to pop it into a lunch box or generally have an egg fix, and you can even cook several and pop them into the fridge as they last around seven days!

    I bought a box of 15 Free range eggs from Asda, so that is 13p an egg, which is also a super frugal meal. A two egg lunch on this recipe would come in at under 50p !!!!!

    I learnt this recipe from Turkey, where it would pop up on the menu at least once a week, the introduction of mint and parsley gives this dish a clean feel, and it is also packing in the nutrients !

    I also make some wholemeal flatbreads to go with the eggs, and this comes in at 25p for 8 ( Honestly !).

    To make these best boiled eggs, you will need…



    juice from one fresh lemon

    1 tsp chili flakes

    1 tbsp. dried mint

    1 tbsp. olive oil

    salt and black pepper

    This is a simple recipe, so first pop the amount of eggs that you require into a pan of cold water, bring to the boil and let it bubble away for around one minute. Turn off the heat and cover with a lid, let the eggs sit in the hot water for about 8 minutes and then empty the pan and refill it with cold water, and let the eggs sit there while you prepare the salad.

    Finely chop the parsley and remove any long stems. I pop the stems into a freezer as these are great to pop in a stock pot. Add the chili flakes and a pich of salt and pepper to the parsley. Mix the oil and the lemon juice and add this to the  parsley and mix well.

    If you want to make the easy flatbreads, just put 2 cups of plain wholemeal or white flour into a mixing bowl, add a pinch of salt and slowly add some water until this binds together. If it is to dry add more water and if too wet and sticky add more flour. When you have one big ball of dough, turn it out onto a floured surface and roll out ( a good tip is to rub flour on the rolling pin !) Cut the dough into 8 pieces and roll out the dough into an almost circle size…..IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE NEAT ! Heat a frying pan and add a dash of coconut oil or oil of your choice and put one flatbread in, let it go a nice golden colour and turn it over. Repeat with the remaining seven !.

    When the eggs are cold or warm, peel them and slice. Drizzle a bit of olive oil over the top, sprinkle over the mint, chili, salt and pepper.

    Serve and enjoy – I really hope you like my best boiled eggs as we love them in our house.

    Here is a great recipe for people cutting down on carbs, celiac, paleo or weight loss !


  • Aldi Giant Couscous Recipe

    This recipe using Aldi giant couscous is delicious and so quick and easy to make!

    Aldi Giant Couscous recipe
    Aldi Giant Couscous recipe

    The most awful thing happened to me last week, I wasn’t Hungry !! I had eaten so much over Christmas that I actually though that I didn’t like food anymore, Now with me being one of the biggest foodies this side of The Severn bridge, it was a thought that had my muffin top shaking!

    Thankfully, within hours the love of grub came back and I was back scoffing roasted peanuts, I rubbed my belly and whispered you will never disappear my love !

    I had sooooooo over indulged over the holidays that I was ever so slightly disgusted,  I have a quiet word with myself and have come to the conclusion that I need to reel it in a bit !. When I met my partner Stewart, I was a nice size 12 but now three years later I am eyeing up the size 16, I feel a bit frumpy and I need to get my Mojo back.

    Now I am really against this fad dieting rubbish, it is a pile of pants basically. They are torturous and very rarely provide long term results, they just make you feel like a fat failure and a skint fat failure if you forked out for one of these fads !. I have decided to eat less, eat colourful and move more !

    There are some fab recipes, that can carry over into lunch boxes or freezers and these often are not only be delicious but also frugal !

    Aldi has a great range of healthy products, and I recently spotted this Aldi Giant Couscous for 99p. Couscous isn’t really that low in calories but it is sugar and fat free and an excellent base for other low calorie ingredients.

    This dish took about ten minutes to prepare and you can make it as colourful as you like, it can also be served warm or cold, as a main or as a side.  This cost well under £3 for a huge portion.

    Aldi Giant Couscous recipe
    Aldi Giant Couscous recipe

    You will need…..

    1 packet of giant couscous

    6 cherry tomatoes finely diced

    1 light mozzarella ball

    1 lemon

    1/2 packet of fresh rocket

    1 finely diced red onion

    1 tbsp. olive oil

    2 veg stock cubes

    1 tsp salt

    1 tsp pepper

    1 tbsp. chilli flakes

    1/4 cup tomato puree

    Aldi Giant Couscous recipe
    Aldi Giant Couscous recipe

    Put the Couscous. stock cubes, salt, pepper, chilli and puree into a pan and cover with cold water,cover and bring this to the boil, give it a good stir, cover again and then turn the heat down to a gentle simmer for around 8 minutes. Remove from the heat, put a tea towel over the lid to stop steam escaping and leave this to cool slightly.

    Chop the mozzarella ball and add this to a large bowl.

    Add the tomatoes and onions, and with the juice of the lemon, mix in the olive oil.


    Remove the lid from the Couscous and this should be nice and soft, Mix this in with the mozzarella and add the rocket.

    Serve and Enjoy ! X

    If you fancy trying another easy yet frugal recipe try this Kofte!


  • Leftover Christmas chocolate recipes

    These delicious leftover Christmas chocolate recipes are so worth a try!

    leftover Christmas chocolate recipes

    Well my 2019 Healthy start was supposed to commence yesterday, but a New years day Party stopped that, then today after operation bare house was finished I realised we had several boxes of chocolates with a couple of no ones favourites left.

    So rather than bung them in the bin ( as that is actually classed as food waste !), I decided to be creative and make some ten minute cookies with them. I love making some leftover Christmas chocolate recipes as somehow we always have some left over!

    As I am the chief food taster in my house, my plan to remove my muffin top has now been put on hold until tomorrow.

    These cookies are really easy and frugal to make and they go soooooo well with any ice cream that you would like banished from the house ! These are lovely, thick and gooey, and the addition of the chopped up chocolates make them gorgeously gorgeous !.

    If you have any posh dark chocolates left over, try these with a tbsp. of chilli flakes in the mix, as this will be a pleasant surprise !

    You will need….

    A handful of left over chocolates/sweets

    6 oz plain flour

    4oz melted butter

    6 oz sugar

    1 egg

    2 oz cocoa powder

    1/2 tsp baking powder

    1/2 tsp salt

    Put the oven onto a medium heat and line a baking tray with grease proof paper.

    In a bowl add the sugar to the melted butter and mix well, then add everything else and mix this so that it all binds together, it may be tough to stir !

    Spoon this out onto the baking paper, I made 12 individual dollops, that when cooked were around 5cm wide.

    leftover Christmas chocolate recipes
    leftover Christmas chocolate recipes

    Put these into the oven and cook for around 10 minutes.  When cooked, you can either leave these to cool or serve warm with Ice cream ( which is the mutts nutz !)

    leftover Christmas chocolate recipes
    leftover Christmas chocolate recipes

    Enjoy !! X

    Have a sweet tooth, then try this !!


  • Tasty Lamb Kebab Recipe

    This tasty and homemade lamb kebab recipe is soooo good and such a tasty meal for the whole family!

    Lamb kebab recipe
    Lamb kebab recipe

    This is a fab bit of grub to pop on a buffet table, they took me around an hour to make but at £1.20 for 34 kebabs, I think it was well worth the effort !

    I picked up the Lamb mince for 99p, which was a fab find and I teamed it up with homemade chapattis and homemade mint sauce, which are both low cost items and super simple to put together.

    These kind of buffet dishes can uplift any regular buffet table, and without the worry of an uplifted price, Yes it needs a bit of extra effort, but  unless your willing to pay bucks for the nice stuff in M&S or have the bland three for a fiver deal then this could hopefully be up your street !.

    You could make these as spicy or mild as you like and these can fit around most peoples pallets, these are also easy to freeze, just make them and then freeze before you cook them.

    Fab Lamb Kebabs
    Lamb Kebab recipe

    You will need…

    1 packet of lamb mince

    1 onion grated or finely chopped

    1 tsp salt

    2 pieces of stale bread

    1 egg

    1 tbsp garam masala

    1 tbsp ground coriander

    1 tsp curry paste / powder


    3 cups of plain flour

    1 cup of water

    pinch of salt

    Mint Yogurt

    1 cup of plain yogurt

    2 tbsp. dried mint

    1 tsp salt

    1 tsp canderel or icing sugar

    fab lamb kebabs
    Lamb kebab recipe

    Pop the Lamb, onion, salt and spices into a latge mixing bowl and crumbled in the bread. Crack the egg over the top and mix this all together really well ! If you want these kebabs to be spicy, add some chili flakes or finely diced fresh chili.

    fab lamb kebabs
    Lamb kebab recipe

    When this has all mixed together, roll the meat into little cocktail sausage shapes.

    fab lamb kebabs
    Lamb Kebab recipe

    I managed to get 34 kebabs from the mixture and placed these on a foil lined grill tray, and put them under the grill until they were a nice colour, I only turned them once as they are quite small and they cook quickly. When these are cooked, wrap in foil to keep them moist and warm.

    fab lamb kebabs
    Lamb kebab recipe

    I can’t understand why people don’t make Chapattis more often , they are really simple and so much cheaper than any shop bought wrap !

    Anyway, in a large mixing bowl add the flour, salt and slowly add the water and mix well. If you find the dough is too wet, add more flour and if it is too dry, add more water !.

    fab lamb kebabs
    Lamb kebab recipe

    When the dough has formed one big ball, turn this out onto a floured surface and need this for around five minutes.

    fab lamb kebabs
    Lamb kebab recipe

    Cut the dough into four balls and on the first ball, roll this out until it is very thin and use a glass or a rounded object to cut out circles. Do this with all of the balls and try and get as many circles as you can.

    fab lamb kebabs
    Lamb kebab recipe

    Over a medium flame, heat a frying pan with a little covering of oil until hot and add the circles. Cook them until they are nice and golden on both sides.

    fab lamb kebabs
    Lamb kebab recipe

    This mint sauce is a fab little accompaniment for the kebabs and often tastes better if made the day before !

    All you have to do is mix the yogurt with the mint, salt and sugar, mix well and you have a flipping fab dipping sauce !.

    fab lamb kebabs
    Lamb Kebab recipe

    Put this dish together and serve this warm, sprinkle some coriander over the top for decoration and some red chilli flakes for a fab effect.

    Enjoy X

    If you like Indian food, try these from scratch samosas for less than 20p each !

  • Kids on Christmas Eve are the best form of Contraception !

    Well the best part of Christmas for me was most definitely climbing ( or crawling !) into bed on Christmas night ! The kids carried themselves off to bed as they were zombified, “DO YOU RELISE HOW TIRING IT IS OPEN PRESENTS”……..announced my son !!

    He most definitely does not have any comprehension of the stress involved of constantly losing the scissors or tape when you are wrapping presents,  the Military operation of hiding presents from prying eyes, which even the hottest SAS guy would fail Miserably on, Or the cursing that occurs when the Amazon delivery does not Arrive AAAHHHGGGGGGG !!!!!

    So yes, I owned my new M&S pyjamas last night and my Pillow welcomed me well !

    Another highlight for me was the fact that the kids did not wake up until 08.45 ( I shit you not !) so I actually felt pretty human while swimming in wrapping paper after they opened their stockings. It was really hard buying stockings fillers for a 11 year old boy, so his diet is going to consist of Haribo, Chocolate and Sour sweets for the next week (hey we all think of weight gain in January). And I flipping love a hyper kid, NOT…..again, another great form of contraception for someone feeling broody !



    The move to the Lounge went well, and the Blackmail of eat your breakfast before you open your presents, was met with some serious hacked off stares ( HO HO HO !)

    Again, we were soon drowning in a sea of wrapping paper, but Mr OCD had that sorted in minutes with a black bag and some stifled giggles from me , when he stood on some Lego, I do love other people doing it. (Did you know that kneeling on Lego is almost in the same pain category as childbirth !!)

    When the last present was opened, a fantastic calm fell on the house as the children retracted back to their bedrooms and I was left to put on my war paint and tackle the dinner. I managed to get dinner for a fab price, with all the veg at crazy prices and a half price Turkey in M&S on Christmas Eve at 4pm, Christmas dinner fell in at around £1.87 pp for 8 dinners, which I thought was fab !.

    Turkey £8

    Parsnips, potatoes, carrots 20p Each

    Cabbage 5p

    sprouts 9p

    Bum beepers ( home made) £1.20

    Cocktail sausages ( With cooking bacon, Homemade Pigs in Blankets) £1

    Profiterole Tower £2.80

    I am so sorry that I have no photos, but it was a tad manic.



    The dinner went well and my father in law was packed a dinner for the following day, I am a feeder, and I do warn people that come into a close proximity of my kitchen that they should be afraid !. Operation clean up did not take too long, thanks to several pairs of hands and the faithful dish washer, I actually think that the two best inventions ever are the Epidural and a Dish washer, I actually feel that I owe some of my life to these fab inventors, I am happy to call them my friends for life !

    We had two hours of peace. Noddy with his “Its Christmas Song” were very happily muted, even Chris Martin was told to run and jump, just while I had chance to Sit down, admire my new Pandora Ring and appreciate my lovely cup of coffee. I had a while until the masses were upon us, so I slowly got the buffet table ready ( mostly with reduced party grub, may I add) and wait for the noise to hit us.


    It is so lovely having the family around as it is nice to see them , however I do understand why my Grandad forgets his hearing aid on every family gathering, you could shout questions to him and he just looks at you blankly, sat there in his Christmas jumper and pretends he can’t hear you, However, you whisper buffet is open and he is stood in front of you with his plate before you even take a breath, That man is magic !

    The buffet was fine, However, I bought a Ham from Lidl, which was baked in Orange sauce and it just looked like a dead Whales tongue to me , so I couldn’t eat it, if you fancy a ham sandwich, just pop over ! My Thai baskets went down well, as well as my shish kebabs ( recipe to follow) and I got change out of £20 for a nice sized buffet !


    I didn’t have to turn the lights on and off this year to give people a hint, which was a change and after everybody had been waved off, I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders, My bath was run with my new Sanctuary products added, my new PJ’s waited for me to grace them and my pillow beckoned me to its lair.

    I took one last look at the now present free tree and  thought thank God for that as I sprinted up the stairs to my Idea of heaven,


    I hope you all had a fab day !.

    Kelly X







  • Posh Canapes for Pennies

    These posh canapes are delicious and you can make them for mere pennies!

    Posh Canapes
    Posh Canapes

    I am sat here typing this out with one finger, as I stupidly touched my eye after cutting the Chili and I am now sat with a cold flannel to try and dull the burn, there is no hope for me honestly! 

    Anyway, I have family congregating on us after lunch on Christmas day, and I refuse to pay £stupid for a small amount of canapé’s, so me being frugal, have decided on making my own posh canapes for pennies! You really can get so much for so little money if you know where to look and how to make it. I am all about the frugal recipes.

    These don’t take long, they are super simple and they taste fab ! I made 24 Thai Baskets and it cost around £2.

    I had a scout in Sainsburys this week, and to put on a mini spread with ready made tip bits, wouldn’t give you much change out of £40, So I will save myself a fortune ! I will run a couple of recipes over the next couple of days, to give you some more ideas.

    Posh Canapes
    Posh Canapes

    You will need…

    2 cups of plain flour

    1 cup of water

    1 tsp salt

    1 tbsp Chili flakes

    500g minced pork

    1 red chili chopped finely

    2 garlic cloves chopped

    Juice from 1 lime

    2 tbsp Soy Sauce

    2 tbsp fish sauce

    1 tbsp sugar

    1 tbsp crushed lemon grass

    2 tbsp thai basil

    1 good handful of coriander finely chopped

    Posh Canapes
    Posh Canapes

    This is such a simple dough, and I have given you an easy way to measure this out so that you can’t go wrong !

    Turn the oven onto a medium heat and get a Yorkshire pudding tin to hand. Paint around the edges of the pudding slots with coconut or sesame oil and put to the side.

    Posh Canapes
    Posh Canapes

    Put the Flour, water, salt and chili flakes into a bowl and mix this well, when it has all bonded together, turn it out onto a floured surface and knead it for a minute, flour a rolling pin and start to roll it out.

    Posh Canapes
    Posh Canapes

    Cut the dough into four, and roll out the one quarter, try and roll it thinly and cut it into squares, I got 24 out of the above mixture. Push a square into a pudding slot, and brush a tiny bit of coconut oil on the edges. When the tray is full, pop it into the oven for around 10 minutes or until it is looking golden.

    Posh Canapes
    Posh Canapes

    Lemon Grass can be bought in a jar, all ready prepared or if you can buy this fresh, it is even better. With a rolling pin, smash the lemon grass, as this breaks down the fibres and really releases the flavour. Slice this up finely, ready to be added to the pork.

    Posh Canapes

    While the pastry is cooking, heat some coconut oil in a pan and add the lemon grass and garlic. Cook this for a minute and then add the Chili and pork, fry this off until it is brown and then add the soy sauce, fish sauce, lime, sugar and Thai basil.

    Turn this down to a simmer and cook for a further five minutes, stirring often. Remove from the heat and let it cool slightly.

    Posh Canapes

    Remove the baskets from the tin and let them cool.

    When you are ready to serve these, heat up the Pork so that it is warm, fill the baskets and cover with coriander and chili flakes if you want some more heat.

    It is great if you can cook the Pork the day before the event, so that the flavours infuse more and make it that little bit tastier !

    Posh Canapes

    Enjoy. If you like these Thai posh canapes, why not try this delicious lamb kebab which is also perfect for buffets?

  • Garlic Aubergine Yogurt Dip

    This garlic aubergine yogurt dip is so easy to make!

    Garlic aubergine Yogurt Dip
    Garlic aubergine Yogurt Dip

    Honestly, this garlic and Aubergine recipe is not the best looking dip in the world, but it is certainly one of the tastiest !

    This Garlic yogurt and Aubergine dip has been a winner on several occasions and I’ve even had to put the recipe into print to give out, as I got tired of writing it down for folk. People are always a bit reluctant to try this weird looking concoction , then it is the first thing to leave the buffet table, with people reaching for the mints straight after !

    The beauty of this recipe is that you should really make it around two days before you serve it, as the flavours infuse a lot more, and also it is so cheap to put together (around 50p, with a reduced Aubergine).

    Garlic aubergine Yogurt Dip
    Garlic aubergine Yogurt Dip

    Garlic Aubergine yogurt Dip


    1 aubergine

    Natural yogurt

    6 cloves of garlic (Yep !!!!)

    1tsp salt

    Chopped dill to add extra colour and flavour optional

    Chilli flakes to garnish


    Garlic aubergine yogurt dip
    Garlic aubergine yogurt dip

    Pierce your aubergine and place into the oven on a high heat until it becomes soft and shrivelled like the picture.
    When it has cooled, cut away the head and peel off the skin which you can discard.
    Chop the flesh finely until it resembles a pile of mush,  it will look awful, but trust me it WILL be worth it !

    Garlic aubergine yogurt dip
    Garlic aubergine yogurt dip

    Chop the garlic up small and then crush it in a pestle and mortar, add some water (1/4 cup)and crush it as much as you can, the smell should be fab !.

    Garlic aubergine yogurt dip
    Garlic aubergine yogurt dip

    Add the garlic and water to the yogurt and stir well, add the aubergine pulp, salt and chopped dill and stir it, cover and place it in the fridge. Again, try and make this a couple of days before the event, and when you serve this, sprinkle some Chilli flakes, dill or both on top, so it looks a wee bit pretty !.

    Garlic aubergine yogurt dip
    Garlic aubergine yogurt dip

    Enjoy X

    Try this simple but flipping fab Posh dinner for pennies or try these air fryer mozzarella sticks!

  • Turkey Pie From Leftover Turkey

    This delicious turkey pie is something a little different from the usual turkey curry!

    turkey pie

    Last Boxing day we made a huge earthquake of a decision to NOT having the annual Turkey curry on Boxing day, and decided on having a turkey pie with feta, which was actually fanflipping tastic !

    Feta can be picked up for under a pound, and I also added an aubergine to bulk it out and add a bit of goodness. I also used some ready made pastry, which was fab as it was under £1 and I made two pies out of it !

    Push the boat out and have it with some homemade chips and you have a corker of a meal, and for pennies may I add !. The turkey pie didn’t take long to put together and it is compulsory to finish of the last of the mulled wine, while you are making it !

    turkey pie

    You will need….

    A nice sized portion of cooked turkey diced
    1 aubergine diced
    1 onion diced
    2 peppers dice
    Handful of chopped dill
    Half a slab of feta cheese.
    Tin of tomatoes
    1tsp salt
    1tsp pepper
    1tsp pepper
    1tsp sugar
    1tsp pepper
    2 chicken or veg stock cubes
    I beaten egg

    turkey pie

    Fry the onions in olive oil until soft, then add aubergine and cook for about 3 minutes.

    Add the tomatoes , peppers and stock cubes and simmer for around 3 minutes.

    turkey pie

    Add the spices, turkey, dill and feta. Give it a good stir, the cheese will melt into the mixture, and let it simmer while you prepare the pastry.

    Move the mixture into a pie dish and let it cool for five minutes.

    turkey pie

    Cover with the pastry, seal the edges and poke some holes in the top.
    Brush with the beaten egg and I used some decorated with some caraway seeds to decorate the pie.
    Pop it in a medium setting on a preheated oven for around 20 mins,,,but keep an eye on your pastry.

    turkey pie

    This is fab served with some rocket glazed in a balsamic dressing and real, homemade Fat chips !

    Let me know if you try this – and enjoy!

    This is also a great leftover turkey recipe plus here’s some other great suggestions for leftover turkey.