• Thai pork mince with a tomato and coriander salad

    This Thai pork mince with a delicious side salad is a quick and easy meal for the whole family. This simple, colourful yet super tasty Thai pork mince meal was super easy to prepare, made the whole house fragrant and even the kids ate it (minus the coriander !). I picked up some minced pork […]

  • Pulled Pork burger for under 75p each.

    Enjoy a pulled pork burger for under 75p per portion! This Saturday evening provided us with fantastic guest’s, sunshine and good food. With a couple of days of useful planning we hosted a BBQ for 12 adults and 11 children for less than £20 ( vino excluded of course !) One of the most enjoyed […]

  • Pork stacks for 4 only £1 each

    These pork stacks cost £1 each and serve 4 people. This is a delicious combination which is not only as cheap as chips to make but looks more complicated than it actually is !!. We look pork in our house, it has many health benefits. To make these pork stacks, you will need…. 4 muffins […]

  • Honey glazed bacon for 4 people

    This delicious honey glazed bacon is a taste sensation! This was made and consumed in under half an hour. Its a posh take on bubble and squeak but it’s really, really good. You will need….. 5  medium potatos 1 packet of cooking bacon 4 eggs Half a cabbage finely sliced 2 spring onions chopped 25g […]

  • Cooking Bacon Recipes – Best Secrets To Buying

    Cooking bacon recipes – the secrets to buying cooking bacon and what to make with it! Cooking bacon is one big swizz !!!!! This super little hack can save you heapssssss !! Did you know that cooking bacon is actually off cuts of the regular bacon that you would pay a fortune for? I have […]